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Lessons for Life

After 25-plus years of ministry, marriage, parenting, faith, and music, the members of Point of Grace say they have an increasing desire to share the life lessons they’ve learned with those coming behind them. “The ‘older’ teaching the ‘younger’ and preserving the story of Christ from generation to generation are becoming more and more important to us the older that we get,” Shelley says. “Our own children were probably the biggest inspiration for writing this book.”  

“God has been so gracious to us through the years,” Denise adds, “with wonderful people who have shown us what it looks like to live life abundantly here on earth.” Leigh agrees: “We’ve also gained an enormous amount of godly counsel by looking through the lens of our families’ and friends’ and mentors’ lives.  We hope by ‘passing it down,’ this exercise will stay in motion and benefit readers and their journeys.”  

The book’s 40 essays were each chosen by the group and written by one of them. They span a broad spectrum of issues such as: idols, new jobs, marriage, expecting a baby, in-laws, family fun, aging, change, moving, regrets, stress, and some especially challenging topics like worry, fear of failure, sweeping things under the rug, addiction, and boundaries.  

Their Favorites

Shelley is quick to point to her essay on integrity as especially meaningful to her, which she wrote about her husband, David. Working in the music business, he’s seen his share of its good aspects, as well as some bad ones, including conflict, betrayal, lies, and self-interest. Despite it all, she notes his consistent resolve to do things the right way. “Overall, I have seen him countless times walk into a room and sincerely shake the hand and greet someone that I would have turned my nose up to or ignored because of something they had done to me," she says. “I have come so far in my own reactions toward people who wrong me just by watching his consistent integrity in the music business. It’s the daily decisions and reactions that a person’s reputation is eventually made of, and it’s never too late to start.”

Denise loved sharing her essay, God’s Tone of Voice. It stems from a misconstrued text she sent her son one day. Her reply was short, only because she was busy, but was interpreted by her son, Price, to mean that she wasn’t pleased with him. Seeing how very easy it is to misunderstand tone, Denise realized that she has often done the same with God in His Word. “There are countless verses I used to read the wrong way because I didn’t understand God’s tone toward me was loving. Sometimes I didn’t read His Word that way, and it kept me distant and afraid. Now that I remember His tone of voice is based in love, I’m warm and receptive to His instruction. And you can be too!” 

In Leigh’s essay, Regrets, she shares her intensely personal, painful choice to end a pregnancy as a teen. “I never thought in a million years that this would be part of my story,” she admits. “Each of us has our secrets, some of those are full of paralyzing shame and guilt for things we’ve done or things that were done to us. But until we recognize and believe God’s death on the cross paid the price for your sin, my sin, ALL sin, we won’t benefit from His boundless grace and forgiveness.” She found His forgiveness and cleansing and wants to share it with others. “So many of us are still bound up by our past, and we don’t look forward to the future. But we can; I’m living proof!”   

New Christmas Special 

Point of Grace is partnering with the new CBN Family App, which will stream their holiday concert recording, A Point of Grace Christmas. The special is hosted by acclaimed singer/songwriter and author Andrew Greer and features guest appearances from Christian music legend Michael W. Smith and Newsboys’ Michael Tait, along with bestselling author and speaker Patsy Clairmont. A Point of Grace Christmas also includes behind-the-scenes footage from the group’s 2019 "A Christmas Story Tour," as well as holiday memories and conversations with trio members Shelley Breen, Denise Jones and Leigh Cappillino. 

“It’s hard to believe that in Point of Grace's nearly 30-year career this is our first Christmas special,” says Cappillino. And what a year for this to release! As we are touring significantly less than normal and unable to see much of our audience in person, we are thrilled to offer a concert experience that can be viewed safely at home."

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