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The Power of Overcoming Evil with Good

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Author of 10 books, his latest: Good Overcomes Evil

Self, 2018

Senior Pastor, OpenDoor Church, Fort Worth, TX


Host of nationally syndicated radio show, Experiencing Real Life, broadcasts in 60 markets

Host, Times and Seasons with Tony Brewer on GOD-TV reaching 200 nations

Married, Leanna

4 biological children

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Troy was 19 years old in 1986 when he gave his life to the Lord.  He joined a rock band and when he wasn’t touring, Troy worked as a phone counselor for CBN in Dallas!  “That’s how I learned how to partner with the Holy Spirit and give prophetic words,” he says.  “Everything I do, I learned from CBN.”  Twenty-five years ago, Troy started a food bank out of the back of his truck.   In 1992, Troy started OpenDoor church and one day was preaching near the Texas border.  That day he took food for underprivileged and homeless people. There was a man in a wheelchair in a trash dump with no shoes on so Troy took off his boots and gave them to the man.  That night Troy preached with no shoes on!  A few days later, Operation Blessing called and said they had a tractor trailer truck and asked Troy if he wanted the contents.  When the tractor trailer truck backed up to their food bank warehouse, Troy saw it was filled with 16,000 pairs of shoes.  It was exactly seven days since Troy gave away his shoes.  “I love it when God shows off,” he says.  “I laughed and marveled at the goodness of God.”  Since then Troy has partnered with Operation Blessing as a coalition partner.  “We were one of the first ministries to have stood with OB,” says Troy.  This year, Troy has fed over 90,000 people.  He has given away over 4 million pounds of food to more than 75,000 documented recipients. “We have so many miracle stories of answering evil with the goodness of God,” says Troy, who believes it’s time for the church to return as the good guys.  “We are supposed to magnify the Lord,” he says.  “We must overcome evil with good and it doesn’t take a lot of goodness to overtake evil.”  

In 2004, Troy was in Costa Rica giving out food and clothing at a trash dump.  An old woman approached him with two tiny, skinny little girls.  Troy didn’t speak Spanish and really didn’t know what the old woman wanted.  An interpreter told Troy the old woman was a madam and she wanted to know if Troy wanted those young girls for sex!  He paid $90 for two starving girls and took them to a Christian children’s home so no one would hurt them again.   In a trash dump in Matamoros, Mexico, Troy was giving away food and met a woman named Maria. She was slave to the cartels because her parents got behind on the rent of their small house owned by the cartel.  She was 19 and in order for her parents to “pay their debt,” Maria became the collateral.  She was forced into a brothel for over 10 years then, when she was too old and diseased, the threw her in the trash dump to scavenge for anything of worth.  Troy asked Maria, then 26, how much her parents owed.  When a cartel foreman told Troy $600, Troy and everyone on his team gathered all the money in their pockets and came up with $600!  In India, Troy and his team rescued a 17-year old girl who was used as collateral to loan sharks when she was a little girl.  “Most people use loan sharks if they need a loan for housing, medical, etc.  If they default, their wives and children become collateral,” says Troy.  Sometimes girls are forced into marriage as young as 13 or 14 years old and their much-older husbands use them as collateral for debt or traffic them out.

“It’s our cause to demonstrate the goodness of God all over the world,” says Troy.  “We need to answer the call to end poverty.  We need to take a stand and represent the heart of Jesus.  We have liberated over 565 girls who were sex slaves; one as young as 36 hours old to 26 years old.”  After they are rescued, they are given a name and a family in safe houses all over the various countries they are working in including Uganda, India, Nepal, Mexico, Central America, Belize, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  “Over 700 kids have my last name,” says Troy.  Last year they rescued 184 girls who came with over 400 babies.  “We’re going for rescuing 1,000 this year,” says Troy.  “Whatever it takes.  We’ve mortgaged our house seven times.  We are all in.”

One hundred percent of the money their church raises goes to rescuing, supporting, and educating the boys and girls who are rescued and paying for the prosecution of sex traffickers.  For more information, please visit www.TroyBrewer.com or call 877-413-0888. 

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Troy Brewer
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