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Prayer for Healing Answers a Year of Pain

Caleb Wood - 700 Club Producer

Gatlinburg, Tennessee local Patti Bryant stays busy running one of the country’s largest ministries for single mothers. But after pressure washing around the house one day in July 2018, she felt a shooting pain in her right shoulder that would sideline her for months.

“And I actually couldn't move my arm at all. It was like stiff,” said Patti. “I couldn't bend it. It was very frustrating.”

And living on a limited income from the donations to her ministry, Patti couldn’t afford health insurance. So, she felt going to a doctor wasn’t an option.

“Different things were happening. Like the maneuvering of my fingers and my hands, they would drop. I kinda knew it had to do with my rotator cuff,” Patti surmised. “I thought it would go away and after six months, it didn't go away.”

As the months passed, Patti was losing her patience and independence.

“I don't think I ever had an old mentality but when your body is not doing what it's supposed to do – [like] I couldn't get dressed. Like it would take me a while to put this on,
 she said tugging on her necklace. “I felt very alone. There's no doubt about that. I felt very alone.”

Despite her doubts and frustrations, Patti still turned to the One person she knew she could always count on.

“I was praying for a total healing, to not just a healing of what I was before, but what I was many years ago.” Patti continued, “I never had any doubts. God was gonna heal me in time, I knew He was gonna do something I just didn’t know when.”

One afternoon almost ten months after her injury, Patti tuned in to “The 700 Club”, where a familiar voice said something that caught her attention…

Pat Robertson:

“There’s somebody, in the state of Tennessee. I think you’ve pulled a shoulder muscle, and I don’t know who, where, or what, but I believe God is healing you right now. Just raise your arm where the shoulder muscle, you couldn’t work it, and work it back and forth, and you’ll be completely healed.”

“I got the most amazing peace in my body. And I knew it was the presence of the Holy Spirit,” said  Patti tearfully. “And it was like ‘Oh my gosh!!! I can move my shoulder. Hallelujah!’ And it was instant.”

Patti continued, “‘Wow, Lord, you're really hearing me. You're really listening to me. Thank you, Father.’ I called up my friends and then I called up ‘The 700 Club’, I said, ‘I just want you to know I was the person in Tennessee and God healed me instantly!’”

Today, if you come through the Gatlinburg mountains, you’ll find Patti pain-free and as active as ever. And when she isn’t helping others, she’s pausing to give credit and praise to Jesus Christ.

“I know God brought me here for such a time as this. There’s no pain. There’s none,” she said with glee. “And I couldn’t do this, are you kidding me? And I can move my arm around and pick things up. If He can do it for me, He could do it for anybody.”

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