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Praying Biblical Promises Over Your Children

Author of 2 books: Promises for Prodigals: One Hundred Biblical Promises to Declare Over Your Prodigal Girl and Promises for Prodigals: One Hundred Biblical Promises to Declare Over Your Prodigal Guy, Amazon 2018

TV Producer, 700 Club Interactive

Graduate: Regent University, MA Journalism

Married: Matt

3 children

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Lori and her husband Matt come from a long line of pastors on both sides of their family.  They have been in full-time ministry for more than 3 decades.  In 2009, Matt and Lori planted Three in One Church in Suffolk, VA so they were busy with growing their congregation.  Two years later, one of their sons went to California to visit family and confessed that he was living contrary to God’s Word.  That family member called Lori.  “He was the perfect kid for 17 years,” she says.  “Then he made choices that went against everything we believed in.”  Immediately Lori relied on her faith in God.  “I took off 3 days and fasted.  I started a prayer strategy,” says Lori.  “I prayed to God, Show me how to get through this and how to pray for my son.  I felt God tell me, This will end well.  Lori knew she needed to get strategic in her prayer life.  She journaled her thoughts, prayers and recorded every scripture that felt like a promise to her.  “I underlined it in my Bible and wrote it in my journal,” she says.  “In all that, God gave me a supernatural peace.”  

To this day, her son is still living contrary to God’s Word but as Lori shared their family’s struggles, she discovered many families were going through the same thing.  “In late 2017, I realized that people were going through the exact same thing and realized that I could help them if I just handed them my journal.”  She felt like the Lord told her, It’s time. We need to turn these promises into a book.  Lori says the Lord showed her how to do everything every step of the way.  He showed her to leave blanks in the prayers so others could put their loved one’s name in there.  He said, Do a separate book for girls and boys.  Lori was overwhelmed.  “I knew the plan but said, Lord it’s a good idea but I don’t know how to get a book published and I don’t have time.”  Lori says the Lord told her to turn off her TV and get off her phone.  So in January 2018, Lori unplugged from all screens.  “It was so quiet,” she says.  In 2 months, she wrote her books.  Then Lori felt the Lord tell her how to do every step: the book covers, the endorsements, etc.  One day, she posted on Facebook and asked if anyone had any ideas for publishing.  A friend told her about Amazon Kindle Direct.  “It’s free and they print on demand! God worked it all out,” she says.  

One of the blogs Lori wrote is called, The Angry Ask.  She writes of when her older sister tried to commit suicide when Lori was 17.  “When my mom told me, I went for a run.  I was so mad,  I told the devil,  You tried to take my sister so I’m taking 10,000 souls.  He was going to pay for that.”  So when Lori’s son turned away from God, she got angry again.  This time, Lori is praying that 100,000 prodigals come home.  “When your prodigal comes home and your prayers are answered, I want to know,” she says.

Lori’s books are available exclusively on Amazon and on her website.

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Lori Wilkerson Stewart
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