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Cheryl Wilcox

- 700 Club Producer

”You pay God a compliment by asking God great things of Him.” - St. Teresa of Avila 

“You can always be heard by God.You cannot call upon Jesus Christ or upon God and not be heard. You live in their house, their ecos (Hebrews 3:4).”  - Dr. Dallas Willard, American Philosopher 

Cheryl's top stories:

  1. The 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta
  2. CBN Celebrates 54 Years
  3. Dan Rather: What it Means to Love America
  4. Pearl Harbor Survivor and Navigators Ministry Leader Dies at 104 - What a Legacy
  5. Centenarian Remembers the Trauma and Triumph of WWII
  6. Eyewitness to History Remembers the Attack on Pearl Harbor
  7. Chaplains of the American Civil War
  8. American WWII Veteran Tearfully Remembers War
  9. Finding The Power to Heal From PTSD
  10. Fifty Years of the Catholic Charismatic Movement: 1967-2017
  11. Exploring the Roots of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal
  12. How to Stop the Revolving Door of Abuse
  13. Teresa Richenberger: Sold to the Highest Bidder
  14. Choosing to Follow the Occult or Love?
  15. 100-Year-Old Reverend Has No Intention of Giving Up Soon
  16. John Ramsey's Unshakeable Faith
  17. Whitney Houston's Mother on Faith and Loss
  18. Telling the Story of a Man Tortured for Christ
  19. CBN Asia 20th Anniversary



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