Naghmeh Abedini

In July 2012, Naghmeh’s husband, Saeed Abedini, an American pastor who is a dual Iranian-American citizen, went back to Iran to visit family and continue his work on a government approved orphanage. While in Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps placed Saeed under house arrest without charge. He was then sent to Evin Prison in September 2012. In January, Saeed was sentenced to eight years in prison. His crime:preaching the gospel. Saeed is not guilty of breaking any Iranian law, but was convicted of endangering national security because of gathering with other believers in private homes. While in prison, Saeed has suffered internal bleeding from beatings and endured solitary confinement in an effort to make him recant his faith. Although he has been denied medical attention, Saeed’s faith remains strong and he has led 30 people to Christ while in prison.

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