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Suzy Cohen

(From SuzyCohen.com)

One time a man walked up to me at one of my book signings and said, “Suzy, your energy and vibrancy is remarkable… I should bottle you up and make you into a supplement!”

Hearing his words made me laugh… and really think about how I could improve my mission to heal others with the knowledge I gained from my profession and personal life.

As an author and syndicated columnist, I have spent years researching disorders and making people feeling better.  I was used to television appearances, having appeared on The Dr. OZ Show 6 times within 3 years.  Today I am 52 years old,  I’m a mom to 3 adult children, a wife, and a health blogger.

My journey as a Functional Medicine practitioner and “human” as well as a supplement formulator has been rather personal. Everything I learned from taking care of my loved ones has been paid forward via my free newsletter, ebooks, videos, lectures, books or  custom formulas.

I graduated from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in 1989. Back then, I honestly thought medication was “the” answer to curing everyone. Today, 25 years later, I understand our body’s metabolic processes run on vitamins and minerals.

All of my custom “Script” formulas are patent-pending due to their unique blends.  As a now healthy thyroid thriver, I specialize in dietary supplements to improve energy, weight, metabolism, immune function and hair and nail growth since that’s what the thyroid gland regulates.

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