Zach Fay

Zach grew up in a Christian home and met Christ through his relationship with his dad.  His father is Charlie Fay, longtime member of the CBN Board of Directors.  Zach says he never had Christian friends until college and learned over the years that his testimony was unique in that he never really strayed from his faith.  “I had hard moments and dark seasons,” says Zach. “But during those seasons, the Lord continued to use my father.”  Over the years, Zach wondered how we could encourage more discipleship in the home between kids and those who care about them the most.  “I’ve been burdened for more than 20 years.  It’s been on my heart,” says Zach.  Barna research shows that our fundamental perspectives on truth and morality are all in place by the age of 9.  Children 5 to 13 have a 32% probability of accepting Christ which drops to an 4% probability for ages 14-18.

While at Regent, Zach was doing research for one of his classes.  His professor, Dr. Umidi, reminded Zach that life transformations take place through pivotal experiences, like missions trips, youth camps and meaningful conversations where seeds of truth and purpose are planted in a child’s life. Zach also discovered that kids were digitally connected today more than they ever have been.  “They spend 5 hours on devices and 20 minutes with mom and dad,” he says.  As he looked at what the kids were doing, Zach realized they were playing digital games where they could create, explore and customize their spaces. The number of gaming accounts globally is more than 1.2 billion in over 150 countries.  “I saw that kids loved digital gaming and felt burdened to find a way to impact kids before their teenage years,” says Zach. So he decided to create a digital playground.  “Let’s make it fun but incorporate strategy with it.”  Lightgliders offers 4 concepts: 1. Teaches a biblical worldview and values; 2. Encourages prayer and reflection; 3. Gives kids a vision for the real world by serving in their community; and 4. Creates catalysts for meaningful conversations at the table and at dinner time.”  The digital playground also equips parents with tools to start conversations with their kids when they are the most impressionable.         

Zach was still unsure what he wanted to do after college, but after he shared the idea with his sister, Julie, she said, “If you move back to St. Louis, I will help you.” That Christmas, Zach says his dad gave him a simple Christmas card which read: “Pursue this dream, love, Dad.”  Zach says that was a blessing from his father that changed the course of the next season of his life. 

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