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Peter Klett

Music began to have a major impact on my life at a very early age. I would listen to Casey Kasem’s Top 40 radio show every chance I got.  I grew up with an older brother and sister and being the youngest, I would often be exposed new music coming from my brother Steve’s room. I remember very clearly when I heard Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon for the first time and being a little frightened by it.  It hit me hard and twisted my reality for that moment; what an experience it was!

Over the years, I would hear everything from Earth, Wind and Fire blaring out of my sister, Terri’s, room to a band like Head East coming from my brother’s room.  For me, the 70’s were the best years in music.

In the 80’s, when bands like Duran Duran and Depeche Mode were consuming people, I was cranking out Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and all the guitar hero bands of the day.  I got my first 12 String acoustic around the age of eleven and my first electric around age twelve.  Of course, like so many kids, my first guitar hero was Angus Young of AC/DC.  He was king.  I used to order “Star Licks”, which was a little book and tape with guitar solos of your favorite guitar player’s songs.  That’s how I learned Angus Young’s style. Then I moved along and started learning a number of Iron Maiden records.

I think the key to my success was that I learned on my own, playing to the radio or trying to write my own songs at an early age.  I didn’t want to be a guitar virtuoso type of player as I always felt they lacked feeling and any kind of songwriting capability.  So, I just improvised and eventually I came into my own.

My guitar heroes will always be Angus Young, Jimmy Paige and David Gilmour.  Their influences and styles can be heard throughout my career with Candlebox, the two Lotus Crush records, redlightmusic and now on the Apollo Under Fire record.

After producing and mixing the AUF record, I realize that producing/recording is my passion for my future.  I repeatedly say to myself now, “I would rather record a band than be in one”.  As I move forward with Apollo Under Fire, I will be seeking opportunities to produce bands.

-God has been good to me through Jesus Christ and I will do all that I can to honor Him-

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