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Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a nutritionist who identifies nutritional deficiencies and offers real food remedies for healing

Author: All-American Paleo Table, Page Street Publishing, 2015

Graduate: French and Business, Hillsdale College, Michigan

Married: Stephen

Caroline grew up cooking with her father at an early age.  On Christmas mornings, Caroline would help him make his famous cinnamon rolls.  Her mother was health conscious and never fed the family soda, candy or white bread.  She also learned to bake bread with her grandmother.  “I was familiar with basics of healthy eating,” says Caroline, but never fully understood how it actually impacted everyday life.”  As a junior in college, Caroline was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  “I was scared, confused and completely hopeless,” says Caroline of her news.  “I felt alone and had no clue how I would get through the rest of my life with this disease.” 

Shortly after going on insulin, Caroline gained 20 pounds within 2 weeks, nearly fainted on a daily basis and was embarrassed by her condition. “Emotionally I was struggling.”  Refusing to be another statistic on the diabetic charts, Caroline decided to research her condition and realized Type-1 diabetes was an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells.  “I knew there had to be a better way to live,” she says.  She read everything from scientific studies to clinical trials and realized how sugars and carbohydrates affect health at the cellular level.  “I discovered the more carbs I consumed, the more insulin I would need.  So I cut out all refined sugars, grains, gluten and most carbs,” says Caroline. 

Instantly, she watched her insulin need decrease.  “For a while, I ate strictly fats, proteins and leafy vegetables.  With the help of a nutritionist, I was able to wean myself off insulin for about the next 2 years,” she says.  Today Caroline uses a very minimal amount of insulin daily.  Her diet, which is considered Paleo, consists of eating real foods (foods from the earth) which are high in fats, with some moderate protein and very low carbs.

Her health journey shaped her passion and gave her a love for cooking.  Eventually Caroline, now 25, taught herself to photograph and then studied nutrition. In 2013, Caroline was certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association so she could get a better grasp of the foundations of real food nutrition and understand how the body works on a cellular level.  “I was scared with this new way of eating that I would never be able to enjoy normal-people foods again,” says Caroline.  “I was scared I would never be able to cut a wedding cake with my husband or make cinnamon rolls with my future children on Christmas morning.”

By trading out unhealthy ingredients, Caroline came up with recipes of many of her family favorites.  She met Stephen and they married after graduation.  Stephen, who is in the military, loves their Paleo lifestyle.  He immediately dropped 10 pounds after they were married.  “When he goes out to sea, he always complains about his stomach hurting,” says Caroline.  She believes it is from the foods he eats while underway. Her father’s cinnamon rolls and her wedding cake are featured in her cookbook.  For more info or recipe ideas, visit her blog.  http://colorfuleatsnutrition.com/

    1.    Browned Butter Whipped Cauliflower pg 230
    2.    Stuffing pg 206
    3.    Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta and Balsamic Glaze pg 214
    4.    Gingerbread Caramel Cake pg 220


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