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Releasing a Miserable Job to a Hopeful Future

John Martin - 700 Club Producer

Lori had always loved her job at a local insurance agency.

“I answered the phones and took payments. Just basically managed the whole office.

It was awesome. I had a wonderful boss. He was great to me and I loved coming in.”

Then her boss retired. His replacement started making a lot of changes in the way they did their jobs.

“Things were going smoothly at first. But as months went on, I just—it just started to get to me.”

And now, at least once a week Lori was required to work at the sister office over an hour away.

“Everything in the office was just changing completely, going to the different location, missing my small town people. It was very different than it was before. It didn’t feel like home anymore. So, I just got extremely stressed out. I started hating my job.”

The stress started to affect her life at home.

“At home I had anxiety. I just absolutely dreaded, you know, waking up the next day to go to work. I looked forward to the weekend more than I ever did in my life. I couldn’t sleep. I just-I made myself sick.”

Lori thought about looking for another job, but feared her lack of college education would hinder her possibilities.

“I didn’t get the education that I should’ve. I played around. I just felt like everything was just over my head.”

For two months, she prayed for god to show her his plan for her life.

“I kept asking him to speak to me and to let me know what to do. I prayed for him to have his will in my life.”

One Friday morning Lori was ready to quit.

“My boss had just told me the day before that he wanted me to be at the other location 3 days a week. So, I was very emotional. I felt like I was abandoning my customers. And I just –I just knew it was time to move on.”

Like every morning. Lori turned on The 700 Club at her desk. Terry and Gordon were praying.


Someone else, you are so discontented with your job, and you blame yourself because you didn't get education when you could have and should have.  You just played instead.  God has something fresh for you.  Stop looking at what you don't have, and begin to thank him before you even see it.  It's on the way.

Lori says, “I just jumped up and started praising God. I was crying. So that right there was all I needed to know. Because that was my personal private prayer with God. and I just, I felt peace. I knew that that was god letting me know I was going to be okay.”

Tuesday of the very next week, Lori interviewed with another insurance agency near her home, and was offered the job that same day.

“It’s better atmosphere. The women I work with are Christians too. And they’re just easy. And it’s close to home so there’s no traveling. I’m going to be in one office.”

Today, Lori has passed the test to become an insurance agent with her new company and enjoys spending time with her family. She’s giving all the praise to God. 

“He’s given me peace. I just feel peace. I just know that he wants me there. I don't know what he’s going to do, but I know he’s –I know he’s going to take care of me. He’s been good to me my entire life.”

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