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Rescued From the Depths of Despair

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CBN creates employment opportunities through livelihood training, small business development, and microcredit grants. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

After her husband left his family, Simranjeet raised their children alone.  She had no education, so she could only find day jobs here and there.

Simranjeet explained, “I want to teach sewing, but I don’t have a sewing machine.  There were times we starved, because there was nothing to eat. The kids cried for hours from hunger.”

Simranjeet hardly had any time to even look for work, because she spent most of her day fetching water.

“I made four or five trips for water every day,” said Simranjeet. “I walked for miles and miles. The water is dirty, and makes my children sick.”

One day, a local Pastor visited Simranjeet’s home and told her about Jesus Christ.

Simranjeet said, “The Pastor told me to trust in the Lord. I started going to church.  I kept asking the Lord to bring my husband back, and to change his heart. I kept praying until one day my husband came home.”

Simranjeet’s husband explained, “I started going to church, too. I am well aware of my family responsibilities. Now, I am a changed man, a dedicated husband, and loving father thanks to Lord Jesus.”

The Pastor also contacted CBN to dig a well in Simranjeet’s village.

“I never thought our village would have a handpump,” said Simranjeet. “Thank you CBN partners for giving us clean drinking water.”

When we found out Simranjeet wanted to teach women to sew, we didn’t just give her one sewing machine.  We gave her four!

Simranjeet said, “I am very happy.  I didn’t even expect to have one machine, but now I have four. Now, I’ll be able to teach stitching to all the women in the village and even they will be able to earn their livelihood. We are thankful to all the CBN partners; you’ve truly changed our lives.”

Did you know?

CBN sponsors livelihood training, small business development, and microcredit grants to address a community’s needs and create employment opportunities. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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