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A Royal Flush of Healing

Brigette Rock - 700 Club Producer

“It had been going on for a while before it started to bother me. I realized that I wasn't going to the bathroom like I should,” recalls Bruce Schnur. 

It was April 2019 when Bruce started experiencing painful constipation. “I got to the point where I stopped eating. It was a constant pain there. I'd sucked it up as best as I could.”

His doctor at the V.A. gave him a prescription, but the pills had no effect. So, Bruce also tried numerous over-the-counter products and home remedies, with only occasional relief. After 7 months, his wife, Sonja was worried. She recalled, “He seemed tired all the time, he didn't seem to eat as much anymore, which scared me, because now I'm thinking the worst."

“The worst” being that the cancer removed from his esophagus and stomach 10-years earlier had returned. The doctor sent Bruce for x-rays.

“The X-rays didn't show anything and so, what they continue to do with me was just medicate, you know, pill, pill, pill, pill, pill. Nothing seemed to work, and it just kept getting worse,” said Bruce.

Four months later, Sonja noticed something new. “When I put my arm around him, I felt the lump there,” recalls Sonja.

“And it was hard, it was protruding right out of my side. It got to the point where it started out small, and it got bigger and bigger. You couldn't touch it because it hurt so bad,” said Bruce.

Sonja shared her concerns, “When I realized that, I knew then there was something wrong.”

Again, hoping to rule out cancer, Bruce’s doctors sent him for a CAT scan. And again, the cancer had not returned. They did find something else.

Bruce recalled that moment with the doctor. “He says, right here on this CAT scan, you have a horrible blockage in your intestine. It could turn gangrene if you don't get it looked at.”

The doctor ordered a colonoscopy for later that year. All Bruce and Sonja could do now, was wait. Sonja recalls how Bruce declined physically. “He was feeling okay, then wasn’t feeling okay. It got to where he just didn't feel like doing anything.” 

More than a year later, in August of 2020, a few months before the colonoscopy, Bruce and Sonja attended a funeral out of town. Playing cards in their hotel room, they turned on the 700 club.

“We're listening to the whole show. Pat was praying for somebody with intestinal problems,” said Bruce. "Pat prays, 'There is an intestinal blockage. It’s like your intestines are looped over and there is a possibility of gangrene. So, right now, you have been having a lot of problems.' I'm praying in agreeance with him, but I wasn't even thinking about me,” said Bruce.

Sonja shared her reaction in the moment, “I laid my hand on him, I said, 'You got to claim that, that's for you.'"

Bruce wasn’t sure at first, until... "Your name is Bruce, I believe. And just touch your stomach now and you will feel the power of God going through and everything is going to be okay, in Jesus’ name," Pat said, ending his prayer for Bruce.

“We were both very excited about that, because that was me. I was having this problem. I said, 'Yes, I do. I claim I am,'" exclaimed Bruce.

Within hours, Bruce felt an urge he hadn’t felt for over a year. He needed to use the restroom. The blockage, the lump, and the pain were completely gone!

“God healed me of that, that night,” said Bruce. “It was awesome. It was overwhelming. The love of God is awesome,” shared Sonja.

Bruce went ahead with the colonoscopy, that confirmed what they already knew! “He's doing awesome. He's eating. He's back to his normal self,” Sonja said.

“I've never believed I was anybody. But obviously, I'm somebody to God. Obviously, I'm somebody to God,” said Bruce.

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