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Young Girl Discovers the Joy of Life!

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11-year-old Talia had trouble fitting in.

“They called me names and so I called them names too,” Talia told CBN.  “We started saying mean things to each other.  It hurt me so much.”

Talia started skipping school.  She told her mom she wasn’t feeling well. 

“She went from being a happy kid to feeling sick all the time,” said Norie. “She lost interest in everything.”  

One day, Talia’s aunt invited her to a summer kids’ event at a church in the Philippines. There Talia watched CBN’s Superbook for the first time. 

“I saw in the episode that Jesus gave his life for us. I never knew that before,” she said.  

Talia prayed to become a Christian that day and got emotional as she began to understand what Jesus had done for her.  

“God loves us so much He gave us everything. Jesus gave his life for me,” she said with tear filled eyes.  ) Jesus forgave my sins.”

And through the Superbook app that she downloaded, Talia learned about the power of forgiveness. 

“I said I’m sorry to my neighbors for calling them names and I forgave them too.  I invited them to watch Superbook with me. One girl, Venice, came with me. And I invited my mom to come to church with me too.”

Talia’s mom Norie has now prayed to become a Christian too  

“I thank the Lord for changing our lives!” said Norie. 

“When Jesus came into my life, He gave me hope,” added Talia. “Now, I have a lot of friends and I’m doing well in school. Superbook showed me that God loves me and I that I should love my neighbor!”

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