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Jarrod Anderson - CBN Films Producer/Director
Danielle Thompson - 700 Club Producer

With a growing family, Carrie and Neal Rozema are careful about what their sons watch on TV.    

Neal says, “Our children are at the age where they're fascinated with superheroes and the-the world will put out superheroes for one, that aren't real; and for two, that you can't believe in.”  

That’s why the Rozemas became members of the Superbook DVD club.  

Neal points out, “Superbook is a documentary on real superheroes.  Jesus is a real superhero.  Joseph is a superhero.  Every story is about a superhero that has changed the world.”

Carrie adds, “It was like the heroes that they had kind of worshipped before started to become the heroes of the Bible – and Jesus being the big one!”

Their oldest son, Judge, agrees, saying, “I like Revelations.  Because Jesus fought this big snake!”

Superbook is more than just entertainment for the boys.  With every new episode, they learn more about the Bible.

Neal says, “I think for a child it makes all the difference in the world to see it lived out, and for them to be able to relate.  Because I can read them stories all the time, but to have it reenacted and relate it for children is huge.”  

Judge says, “I like because it because it teaches about Jesus.”

Carrie feels, “It brings the Word to life for the – for the boys.  And, once we read the Scriptures, it helps them to kind of get a picture of what we just read.”

Carrie and Neal especially appreciate how Superbook reinforces the same Christian values they’re teaching.

Younger son Jo says, “It helps me be a good boy and it helps me be a good kid so mom could teach me everything about it.”  

Carrie says, “When we started watching Superbook in the home, it was like the spiritual temperature in our home just went up, up through the roof.”

With such a young family, Neal and Carrie plan on keeping Superbook around for a long time.  And they know that what their sons learn today is preparing them for the future.

Carrie says, “What I love about Superbook is it really teaches boys where real power comes from, how to really be men of God.”

Neal says, “The values that Superbook teaches my children is how to take Biblical principles and apply them to real-life situations, uh to show compassion, to show forgiveness, to show love.  It teaches them how to be more like Jesus.  And that's the most important thing.”

With a big smile, Judge says, “Thank you, CBN, for making Superbook.”

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