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My name is Valda Burgis and I love to read, especially my Bible during the day time. In March my eye, left eye was kind of acting up, puffed up, running and I said, ‘Well I can wait a few more days and see what happens. And the next day, (I had) this puffiness, redness, and tears running down my cheeks. I know there was something wrong.

I did not call my doctor. I said, ‘Oh, I don’t have that money and besides… I was staying home because of the pandemic. I felt like I’m not going to see the doctor because God can take care of me.

March 11th, I was watching CBN and Gordon said, ‘God is healing somebody…’

Gordon: God is healing someone with a severe infection in your left eye, God is taking all that infection away. He’s removing all the redness. It’s going to be clear. Your eye is going to be completely healed…and made whole now. In Jesus name.

I said that is me. God is healing my eye and I claim that healing. I was sure inside of me.  Nothing happened that day. And I went to bed and the next morning I got up. Hey! My eye is healed!  There’s no puffiness, no running, no redness. Just healed! I was so overwhelmed… what God has done to me… and I said, ‘Thank you Lord! Thank you, Lord!

I called CBN and someone answered the phone and I said ‘Hey, God healed me! And I give God all the glory and I thank CBN that the program is always available to me mornings and at night.

I can read now, I can garden and take walks outside my house and enjoy nature. And praise God for his mercy and goodness.


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