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She Sold Her Clothes to Feed Her Family

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CBN provides clean, reliable water in needy regions of Africa and Asia. Learn more.

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Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

50-year-old Kyi Kyi is a widow. She takes care of her 85-year-old father and her youngest daughter, who still lives at home. Before Covid-19 the family made bamboo mats and sold them to neighbors and in the market. But the pandemic hit their business hard.    

“I lost my business capital and we went into a huge debt,” said Kyi Kyi. “My father and I cried together. He said to pawn everything we had so we could pay back the interest on the money we borrowed.”

Kyi Kyi sold everything, including most of their clothes, so they could have food to eat. “This is the first time in my life that I had to pawn my clothes. I was ashamed,” she added.     

Finally their food ran out.  

“That day I had nothing left to cook. I didn’t know what to do. We were so desperate.”  

Kyi Kyi said that was the same day that Operation Blessing arrived at her home with a box filled with food and other staples, including a large sack of rice.          

“I was so thankful and feeling relieved as we ate a meal for the first time that day!”  

Operation Blessing has delivered more food in recent weeks and also helped the family to repair some holes in the walls and roof of their house.   

“I am so thankful and happy for the help you gave us, including the repair you made on our house. Your help came just when we need it!” said a grateful Kyi Kyi. 

Did you know?

CBN is building family and community wells that provide clean, reliable water in needy regions of Africa and Asia. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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