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Sick Doctor Experiences Jesus—the Great Physician and Provider!

Elizabeth Fischer - 700 Club Producer

As a doctor, David’s passion is helping people...  which is why he and his wife Joanna are CBN partners.

David says, “We’d see these stories about another well being put in, or another family having a surgical procedure, and so I thought, ‘Wait, this is practical giving…’

He continues, “We joined at the lowest level, and then as we watched more we felt compelled to keep increasing our giving. Even through some very tough times and God was faithful.”

One particularly tough time came in 2003, when David had an illness and was unable to work.

“My health went south really quick and bad, so I couldn’t make a living; we’re having a hard time paying rent…through that season, especially because of my wife, we continued to give even though it wasn’t easy at all,” David says.

The couple kept giving, even with six young children to care for. By 2006, David had finally recovered.  He then got a job as a medical director of a correctional facility and was later able to open his own practice.

Joanna says, “And we just kept on being faithful and then as I would see stories about people who were increasing their giving as they were coming out of the wilderness, I thought, ‘We can do that too…we can double what we’re giving…’ and then I thought, ‘Oh, we can double again,’ you know, as time went on.”

Now members of the 1000 club, the MacDonald’s encourage others to give.

“I’ve tried to out-give God a few times—you can’t do it. You can’t,” says David.

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