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Singer Jason Crabb Discusses Life and Faith

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Recording artist, latest, Whatever the Road (Reunion Records, 2015)

GRAMMY winner in 2010 for Best Southern/Country/Bluegrass/ Gospel Album

21 Dove awards both as a solo artist as well as with the Crabb family

Performed at Carnegie Hall, the Grand Ole Opry, the Brooklyn Tabernacle and Billy Graham’s final crusade in NYC

He appeared on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)


Married to Shellye

Two daughters: Ashleigh and Emmaleigh

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Jason grew up in a trailer in tiny Beaver Dam, Kentucky.  Music was always a mainstay in his blended family. “It was good, clean fun and it didn’t cost anything,” shares Jason. He began singing with his siblings as the Crabb Family and hit the road when he was sixteen.  For the next fifteen years traveling was the only life he knew or could imagine. To fulfill about 300 concerts a year they often had to do without life’s amenities. “We bathed at truck stops – in showers if they had them, in sinks when they didn’t. We hoped for hotel rooms but did without them most of the time. We hauled and set up our own equipment and then broke it down – every single night,” shares Jason. By 2003, Jason’s parents had retired from touring. Jason stepped into a leadership role for the family ministry. “Our skills as a blended family helped us to avoid the pitfalls of competition and strife,” shares Jason. The talented, musically progressive family band broadened the scope of southern gospel music and became one of the most successful groups in the genre.

In 2007, his siblings decided to pursue separate ministries. At first, Jason said it was hard to imagine a solo career after spending so many years singing, ministering, and preaching as a family until he received a confirmation from God at Pastor Rod Parsley’s birthday party. Pastor Rod called him out and said, “You’re going to venture out to different things. There’s going to be a time change in your life.” With that, Pastor Parsley removed his watch from his wrist and put it on Jason’s wrist. This confirmation was just what Jason and his siblings needed. The watch served as a symbol (as it does to this day) of God’s will and purpose for Jason’s life. “It was hard to see myself going solo; it was a concept way outside the box of my thinking. Yet God said, “It’s time –time to let everybody grow into what I want them to be, time to let them experience leadership in the direction I have for them,” shares Jason.    

Jason released his first solo album in 2009, and it earned him his first Grammy the following year. Since then he has received numerous industry accolades, among them 21 Dove Awards, including wins in the “Artist,” “Male Vocalist,” and “Song of the Year” categories. In addition to his recording career, Jason is also an actor and author. He shared his life story in the inspiring book, “Trusting God to Get You Through” and has written a series of successful children’s books. To honor Jason, his hometown of Beaver Dam recently named the road adjacent to their new amphitheater after him – “Jason Crabb Drive.”In everything he does, Jason’s goal is to bring glory to his heavenly Father.  

On Jason’s latest album, Whatever the Road, he signed with Reunion Record label and enlisted contemporary Christian producers Jason Ingram and Paul Mabury. This is his fifth solo album. Jason says, “As someone that’s been out here doing this for a little while, I needed a freshness.” He also took more of an active role as a songwriter and co-wrote seven of the ten tracks. The album debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Top Christian and Gospel Albums chart and at No. 1 on Soundscan’s Adult Contemporary Albums chart. “I’ve never wanted to be pigeon-holed. I just wanted to make music. I finally found that if you're part of the creative process of the song, then it becomes you. With this record, I feel like it's a little more of who I am than what I’ve been. It’s where I want to be and it's wonderful.”
Jason hopes the album encourages people and gives them hope. “I want people to know that whichever direction or whatever road you're headed down, God is going to walk with you.” One of the ballads on the album is entitled “Home,” which was written by Jason’s father Gerald Crabb, a Dove Award-winning songwriter. “I had already recorded it and then grandma passed,” he says of losing his maternal grandmother, Billie Richardson, in early 2015. “When I recorded it, I didn't know that was going to be my song for her at that moment, but you know I’m thankful. When I sing it, I just close my eyes and think of her in her little blue house, fixin’ everybody something to eat, but I'm not going to see her ever again like that, and that's a big chapter closed.”  

Jason married Shellye in 1998 then two years later they found out Shellye was pregnant. Early in the pregnancy she began having complications and soon afterward had a miscarriage. Jason and Shellye were devastated. A year and a half later, Shellye got pregnant again, but they lost that baby too. Six months later she was pregnant again. “This time, I knew everything was going to be just fine. I started thanking God for our baby, knowing that He was taking care of us,” shares Shellye. On February 14, 2003, Shelley gave birth to their first daughter, Ashleigh. Jason says although they still don’t know why they had to endure the devastation of miscarriages they do realize that their experiences have helped them to bless others.

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