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Singer Kenzie Walker Shares Some of Her "Smallest Gifts"

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New CD: Smallest Gift (2015)

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Kenzie, 11, has a philosophy that she has been saved three times.  When she was a month old, Kenzie was abandoned at a train station in a cardboard box in China.  “God sent a stranger by to rescue me.  I was saved,” says Kenzie.  For the first year of her life, she lived in a Chinese orphanage.  “Then God sent me parents who adopted me and brought me to live in America.  I was saved a second time,” she says.  One day while riding in the car with her mom, Kenzie, then 6, asked her mom about Jesus.  So her mom pulled over and led her to the Lord.  “So Jesus saved me,” Kenzie says referring to the third time she has been saved.

The Walkers were working with an adoption agency and had an orientation for new adopting parents.  Chuck and Kim listened to their international director who told them about the situation in China and number of baby girls in orphanages that needed homes.  They both looked at each other.  “Of all the countries, including the United States, that we could have gone to for adoption, it just hit both of our hearts that was the place we needed to go and that God had a little girl waiting for us,” says Chuck.


For as long as she can remember, Kenzie says she has been singing. The Walkers had a clock that chimed a melody on the hour, and she would sing the melody along with the clock when she was an infant.  She played in her playhouse in the back yard, and the neighbors would sit on their porch listening to her sing. Kenzie sang every song she learned from Disney movies, and also came home from church singing church songs. That’s about the time when the Walkers realized she could sing. 

“The response to her story is overwhelming,” says Mark, her manager.  “She’s this little girl who speaks with wisdom beyond her years.”  Mark says Kenzie wants people to know that God is in control of our lives and that He is watching over us.  He says Kenzie is sensitive to other children who are different.  “She’s from Asia and looks different from the other kids and she’s adopted,” he says. Kenzie is homeschooled but attends a homeschool group twice a week.

Her heart is for orphaned children.  She is funding the building of an orphanage in India through International Cooperating Ministries out of Hampton, VA.  Kenzie will perform at Calvary Baptist Church in Virginia Beach on July 16 at 7 pm.  Please visit their website for more information at www.calvarybaptistva.com.  This fall, Kenzie will travel to the Philippines to help an orphanage in Mindanao.  For more information, please visit www.Kenzieworld.com

Kenzie will sing “Heaven Come Down.” Her CD is available at iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, Target and other retailers.

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Kenzie Walker
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