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Six-Year-Old Caregiver

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Ever since she was six-years-old, Gady has taken care of her little brother and sister while their mom searched for work away from home.  For Jackeline the guilt can be overwhelming at times.     

“I was ashamed because I put my daughter in this situation,” she said.

In addition to the danger of staying at home alone, Gady says they faced an even more urgent need after their dad left.  

“We have gone hungry many times,” reports Gady.  “The younger kids begged me for food.  Sometimes I would find a plastic bag in the neighbor’s garbage.  I brought it home and we ate.”

That’s when Jackeline heard about a program near her home in Peru sponsored by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise.  Now for the first time since their father left, the children have plenty to eat. 

“Before I couldn´t give them a simple breakfast,” said Jackeline. “Here they receive breakfast and lunch!”

“I asked God that my siblings and I would not be hungry again, and He answered my prayer!” added Gady.   “Now we don´t lack anything.”

And now that Jackeline has found a steady job, the Orphan’s Promise center provides free childcare so the kids have a safe place to play and learn.  They love watching episodes of CBN’s Superbook there as well.

“I raised my hand to receive Jesus,” said Gady.  “I prayed  and asked him to change my life.  Now I am on the good side with Jesus! Thanks Orphan´s Promise.  I bless you with all my heart!”

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Did you know?

CBN is reaching out to orphans and vulnerable children and meeting their physical, educational and spiritual needs. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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