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Smiling Again With Confidence After Surgery

Melissa Verwey - 700 Club Producer
Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Arusha, Tanzania

Nahum used to be outgoing, but after a large mass grew on his cheek, he kept mostly to himself.

His mother said, “He often came home and told me kids at school and even teachers made fun of him. It really hurt his feelings.” 

Nahum explained, “Some of my friends at school laughed at me. They call me ‘Big Jaw,’ or say I ate something that was stolen. I struggle to eat, and my gums bleed. The mass doesn’t hurt much, but the teasing makes me miserable.”

His mother said, “We went from hospital to hospital, but we were unable to get him treated. We finally gave up, because we couldn’t afford surgery. All we could do was pray he would somehow get help.” 

Then a teacher told Nahum about a surgical program supported by Operation Blessing. They reached out to us, and soon we arranged and paid for his surgery. In just forty-five minutes, doctors removed a huge benign mass from his cheek. Now, Nahum is smiling once again.  

Nahum said, “I feel good and confident again. People treat me like a normal person, and I can go out without attracting any attention. My friends were happy for me and told me I look much better. To those who helped me, thank you so much, may you continue helping others.” 

“I am grateful every day when I see him looking happy and healthy again,” said Nahum’s mother. “Our prayers have been answered. May God bless you!”

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