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Making Your First Million

Saving and spending wisely are two keys to gaining wealth. Here are tips on doing both well.

Pursuing Your Passions With a Sound Mind

Changing your vocation after an established career can be a challenge, especially financially. Learn how one man made the leap and how you can also continue on your own journey of faith.

Breaking the Wall Street Code

Sometimes it is hard to get past the jargon to know when to sell those stocks. Here's how to keep up with those brokerage buzz words.

How You Spell Success

As Christians, how should we properly view the world of work and the accumulation of wealth?

The Market's Emotional Cycle

A basic understanding of how people typically respond to the stock market can help you make wise investment decisions.

God Will Provide

While having a solid financial plan is advised, being flexible and allowing the Holy Spirit to instruct is absolutely essential.

The Fear Merchants

Are we looking at a 'financial Armageddon' in our economic future, or is that pessimism speaking?

Common Investing Mistakes

Watch out for these four pitfalls when managing your investment portfolio.

Six Solid Investing Principles

While investing techniques vary widely, all good strategies are built on the same foundation. Sound Mind Investing offers these tips.

Make Sure Your Investment Decision-Making Is Inside-Out

One of the more contra-intuitive propositions that I regularly put forth in my newsletter is the idea that one's investing decisions can usually be made with little regard for what's currently going on in the investment markets. Let me make my case.

Why Every Spending Decision Is An Investing Decision

Scripture makes it clear that each of us is a steward of God's resources to some degree. That means we all have to make management decisions.

Financial Principles Worth Knowing

The things worth knowing—and the things emphasized in SMI—are, first and foremost, rooted in God's Word.

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