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Spiritual Encouragement When She Needed It Most

Danielle Thompson - 700 Club Producer

Retired V.A. nurse Joyce has been an avid viewer of The 700 Club since the 1970s, when she’d tune in to hear Pat Robertson’s insights.  

Joyce says, “It kinda taught me how to read the Bible, what I was to look for in the Bible.  He always went into detail about what it meant or what a word would mean.”

Joyce also followed The 700 Club for another, more personal reason.  She often called the 24-hour Prayer Center to pray for her husband Otto, a veteran of two wars who was battling PTSD and alcoholism.

Joyce shares, “I would just-just wake up and be upset.  They're the only people I know I can call at three o'clock in the morning.”   

During some of their hardest moments, talking with the CBN prayer team gave Joyce hope. 

She remembers, “We would pray about Otto’s drinking.  We'd pray about being patient.  We’d pray that God would answer the prayer.  I usually slept better!” 

Those prayers were answered when a friend led Otto to accept Christ.  He immediately stopped drinking, and he and Joyce had a fresh start in their marriage.   

She says, “He was able to love more.  Every day we read the Bible together.  Every day. Otto insisted on that.”

Grateful for how CBN had helped her, Joyce decided to become a CBN partner.

She says, “They have this passion to have everybody know about Christ.  I always feel this when they go on there and really preach your need for Jesus.  And I like that.”

Otto passed away in 1991, but Joyce still supports CBN.  And she’s grateful that The 700 Club continues to help people, like her, around the globe.

She explains, “Whether it's just to touch or to cry with them, or just whisper that God loves you, they're spreading the Gospel.  I think that is the most wonderful thing in the world.”

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