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Strength Replaces Debilitating Infection

In May of 2018 I started experiencing symptoms of sinus infection and what I noticed was congestion and pressure in my sinus up here and down in here…having a stuffy nose at night.

Not being able to breathe freely at night which I usually am able to do that and then some soreness here in my throat and I just didn’t feel good. A sinus infection drains you of so much of energy and you feel just kind of like a ragdoll. I used saline rinses and I tried to do the natural way of handling sickness, so a lot of vitamin c and I expected it just to clear up.

After 3 weeks of dealing with the sinus infection it got a lot worse. I was experiencing night sweats at times but they were increasing. By the fourth week they were happening every night. I told my friend that between this bad sinus infection and the night sweats, it was wearing me out. It was wearing me out. At lunch time I made my lunch and sat down at the kitchen table and turned on The 700 Club. And it came to the point of the program where Pat and Terry join hands in faith and pray. The Lord you know is so present when they do that, everytime. And you know, I’ve been watching this program for years. I think it might have been the very first thing Pat spoke of. He said there are many of you or some of you who, you have infection and night sweats.

Pat: “There’s somebody you’ve got infection, nightsweats. It has just left you terribly debilitated…Right now God is healing you and giving you strength…And all that viral infection is going away and leaving your body.”

My mouth fell open. Father you have healing for me. And thank you, you know. Thank you Father. I just put my hands up in the air and just worshipped.  Pat spoke almost word for word what I had spoken to my friend that morning. It touched me deeply in my heart, God’s love and care for me.

Right away, I didn’t have that sick and achy feeling when you have an infection in your head. Well, that night, I did not have any night sweats at all. I didn’t sweat at all. My sinuses, they were completely clear.

I had energy. I have the most wonderful grandchildren. I love doing things with them…running, painting, doing crafts together. I could do that like I wanted to.

You know what it is? It’s the faithfulness of God. He had compassion for me and what I was going through with that and so He did something about it.

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