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Stress Induces Incurable Rash

Shawn Brown - 700 Club Producer

Joe has been running a successful painting business since 2010. But in 2016, after his mother died, he was under a lot of stress which caused him to break out with an itchy and painful rash.  

“I was miserable, I'm scratching all the time and when I go to bed at night I'm scratching.  I had a backscratcher. I practically wore out two back scratchers with that. PU I broke out really bad across the top of my shoulders, I had it.  I had uh – I had it along my sides.  I – it got so bad I had to go to the emergency room,” said Joe.

Joe was given anti-fungal cream, and other meds but nothing seem to work. So he took pain meds just so he could manage going to work and sleep through the night.

“I was pumping 12 to15 Advils a day just to try to keep my uh itching down to where I could bear it. And I was taking 10 Benadryls a day at the same time, said Joe.

As time went on, the rash got worse.

“When I was itching, these things would spread and it would like – I would scratch with my fingernails or I would get in the shower and I would just scratch with the backscratcher to try to relieve that itching and it would bleed. My shoulders, (GESTURING) all across the back of my shoulders and the middle of my back, and then-then it – then it went around my waist. I felt like if somebody saw me with my shirt off, I would be – I would be afraid cause they would say something, it was that bad.  It looked like I had, you know, some kind of really bad disease on my body,” said Joe.

Joe began praying desperately God for help.

“I actually cried out to the Lord. I was crying out to the Lord so much about this I found myself on my knees constantly praying and asking God "What's going on?" And I-I said, "Lord, I-I don't know if I can go on like this anymore." That's how bad it was, said Joe.”

Then one morning while watching The 700 Club, Joe heard Terry Meeuwsen praying.

Terry Meeuwsen: "There's somebody else. You have, I don’t know what this is a subcutaneous infection and it is both painful and itchy. It spreads across the top of your skin the evidence of it. Nothing has seem to stop it.  "Today is your day. Jesus is healing you right now. Just receive that."  

I was jumping up and down and I said, "Praise God."  And I said, "Thank you, that's for me.  I'm taking it and I'm claiming that. That's mine. That's my word, you know,” said Joe.

Over the next few days, the rash began to heal.

“I felt like this weight was lifted off of me and I said, "I'm receiving what that word said. And I'm believing what the Word said." And I went to work and I just started doing my daily process stuff and I noticed I didn't have to scratch as much, it was starting to go little-by-little diminishing. I started seeing this stuff just start to disappear.  It starting to just fade away,” said Joe.

By the next week, joe was healed completely.

“I feel  lifted up. I feel like I can do more things. I feel free. You have to believe, and you have to ask God to help you believe that his word is what brings healing. Take the healing scriptures, apply those to your life every day and continue to press into that. And when you do that, the word of God will transform your life and it will bring healing into your life,” said Joe.

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