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Super Bowl Champ Nick Foles Believes Winning Isn’t Everything

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Tom Buehring - 700 Club Producer

The NFL career of Nick Foles has become a storied passage -- from starter to back-up, to the most recent Super Bowl MVP! Only fitting that one who’s passed through, been passed over, and has now brought to pass – carries the title of Championship Quarterback!

Question: “Pretty intense during Super Bowl week; what was your prayer?”

Nick: ”The two weeks leading up to it are some of the most intense weeks of football I’ve ever been a part of, just from a distraction standpoint, from a preparation standpoint, from an everything standpoint. And I don’t want to pray for victory. I don’t want to put that on a pedestal. And then if we are able to win, you know, that you keep me humble. We’ll see what the scoreboard says. No matter what, I just want to play without fear and that’s a win.”

Question:  “You still wowed by the 2017 season?”                        

Nick: “Yeah, absolutely!  Having the opportunity to be a part of a great team and win a Super Bowl. Doesn’t seem real but you’re holding a Super Bowl ring! But it’s like, you know, it’s not everything. Like I’m not wearing it. Like I actually forgot my wedding ring today. I was up so early. So I will say I do have a wedding ring.”                                                 

Interviewer: “You’re going to hear about it!”                                       

Nick: “Oh I know, I know!”                                                     

Question:  “Achievement for people is everything. There’s work that goes into it and it’s a reward. Is it everything that its cracked up to be?”

Nick: “It is not! When you achieve something, you go after something and be successful, like is it solely for yourself? I mean, you’re going to be so empty at the end of the journey. You’ve heard many people win awards, or even win the Super Bowl that say—I feel like there should be more but there’s not! And then I’m holding my daughter then I go hoist a trophy – just thinking my greatest achievement was giving my life to Christ and my relationship with Christ. Like this isn’t going to fulfill me. I’ve already been fulfilled because of that.”

Question: “You were forewarned by your first Eagles coach, hey, you come to Philly thick-skinned and you’d better know who you are!”

Nick: “You know, I think in Philly, it’s the most unique fan base I have ever been a part of, ever seen. And the reason is, is because it’s not fan base. It’s more of a family. When Andy Reid said that to me, you know, he basically said this city’s torn grown men apart. The Eagles fans want us to go out there and play well. We want to play well. Though 2017 and the Super Bowl were something that we’ll always remember, that we’ll always be grateful for and it’ll live forever in Philadelphia Eagle history, you know, life goes on. And that’s just sort of how the sport is. It’s a humbling sport.”

Question: “Rocky’s steps and statue’s in the very city you play in. Do you identify with that underdog?”

Nick: “I think the whole city does. You know, I think that’s why the whole story resonates so well with Philly. You know, it’s an underdog city. A lot of the players on our team are underdog players. But I think that, you know, Rocky’s always been the theme of the city. And though you get knocked down, you’re not down. You just keep getting back up. You keep fighting, grinding, throwing punches. And you eventually, you’re going to start landing them. And we landed the final punch!”

Question: “Super Bowl MVP quarterback to back-up quarterback. How do you separate yourself from the labels to your own personal identity of who you are?”

Nick: “It took going through the struggles, going through the failures, going through St. Louis to experience that. I sort of relinquished the idol of football. And I wasn’t holding onto it anymore. I wasn’t holding onto the NFL.  If you get to the top and you’re alone, it’s a lonely place. And, you know, life’s meant to be lived in fellowship. To be lived in one another and family, you know. For me, you know, relationship with Christ, that’s a relationship. It’s not a religion, it’s not rules, it’s living in the moment and you’re just grateful for it.”

Question: “What’s most self-destructive about accomplishment?”

Nick: “The pride that comes along with it. And I’m just as guilty as everyone. You know, there's times where, everyone’s complimenting you, patting you on the back and you sort of forget your roots -- what am I rooted in! Well I know every morning I make my cup of coffee, I get in the Word, I read devotionals, I pray. And there’s times where all of a sudden you get pulled in every which direction where it starts becoming more about you naturally because you’re not humbling yourself by staying in the Word and getting your perspective straight.”

Question: “You then enter into this season with Carson Wentz returning – and you going into a backup role. When do you find yourself being most challenged with humility in that?”

Nick:“I think the biggest challenge is off season with going through that, was honestly, a month after the Super Bowl when the Eagles came out and basically put me on the trade blocks, said hey, if you guys offer up two first-round picks, like we’ll be open to trading Nick. And then you think like all right, well, all right, I can be a starter. Like I’ve proven that. And then you get sort of distracted.  But that’s where like, you know, staying rooted in Christ, going through it, trusting Him. But struggling. Like there are times I struggle. And then just being ready, you know, getting the heart ready to go back to Philly to be a backup.”

Question: “What does weakness bring Nick Foles?

Nick: “I think in society, like strength is the most appealing thing. I think it always has been. And showing weakness has always been frowned upon. But is that sharing your struggles? And most people say yeah, that’s weakness. To me that’s actually strength. Because it takes you being sure of yourself who you are to be able to share what’s really going on inside you.  I think that’s why this book was so purposeful. You know, what Tori and I’ve gone through with her illness -- Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome -- Every day she continues to excel to get better. But we’ve grown so much closer to each other. We’ve grown closer to God and they’re been so many blessings that have happened out of it. God always has a plan - you just have to trust it!”

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