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Superbook Transforms Angry Family to Loving Family

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Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

10-year-old Khan Gna wondered why her mom and dad fought so much. Sometimes, she hid to avoid the conflicts.

“One day my dad was angry and threw a pot out the door because mom didn’t make dinner,” Khan Gna said.

Khan Gna soon began to imitate her parents’ behavior. She got angry and fought with her classmates.

“One day while I was walking to school, two girls laughed and said my hair looked ugly. I was so angry I pushed one of them down,” she said.

Then, a Sunday School teacher from a church in their village invited Khan Gna and some other kids to watch CBN’s Superbook. Khan Gna quickly connected with the episode, "The Miracles of Jesus".

“Remember the story when Jesus brought the dead girl back to life,” she said. “It made me so happy. It made me want to believe in Jesus.”

That Sunday, Khan Gna prayed to Jesus to become a Christian.

“I prayed please come to my life. I want you to be my God.”

Khan Gna told her mom and little sister about Jesus and they prayed to become Christians.

Convincing her dad to pray, however, was a little more difficult.

“I wanted him to go to heaven when he died,” she remembered telling him. “He said, ‘I don’t really care about heaven.’But I kept urging him.”

“At first I didn’t want to hear about the Bible,” said Khan Gna’s dad, “But I noticed how Khan Gna changed after she started watching Superbook.”

A few weeks later, Khan Gna’s dad prayed to become a Christian too, and they all began attending church.

“I have trusted Jesus now as Savior,” dad reported.

“Now we pray every day,” said Khan Gna. “My family loves each other and there’s no more fighting. Thank you God for bringing Superbook to us!”

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