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Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer
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The COVID pandemic and the rising cost of living have left many people struggling to feed their families. Every week, cars line up to receive food that families desperately need. Stephanie, a single mother of three, didn’t know what to do when she lost her job.

Stephanie recalls, “When COVID hit, I was working in a doctor's office as an allergy technician and then the clinic closed, so they had to lay me off. So it definitely put a lot of stress, worry, and a lot of financial struggle in that point.”

Six months later, Stephanie found another job, but after going so long without a regular paycheck, she needed help.

“I was starting to get back on my feet, had barely started a new job. Bills were still coming in, money was tight, uh at that point I really needed food. I mean I didn’t have very much in the fridge. So as a single mom, I had to look for another way to be able to provide for my kids when I couldn't,” Stephanie said. 

Stephanie turned to OpenDoor Foodbank, a partner of Operation Blessing. As she waited in line to receive food, a volunteer approached her car. 

Stephanie described, “When she prayed for me, it was just a beautiful experience, ‘cause I felt like that was God speaking to me. That was just the icing on the cake because I was going for the food and I ended up getting blessed spiritually in a way that I needed.”

Thanks to the support of Operation Blessing partners, Stephanie found the help she and her family needed. Now they’re back on their feet and thriving in their new church community.

With joy, Stephanie said, “From when I came to the foodbank to now, I'm in a place where I never thought I would be. I'm in a place where I have hope. God definitely surprised me and He set that up, though. He knew I needed the food, but He also knew I needed an encounter with Him.”

Stephanie and her three kids, all together said, “Thank you, Operation Blessing!”

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