Teaching Children Every Life is Precious


Bethany’s book, Pro-Life Kids, is a children’s book that uses rhyme to teach an age-appropriate pro-life worldview. It illustrates the history of the abortion culture.

“The book is a catalyst for conversation which allows there to be discussion about topics that we have been silent on with our children because if we don’t teach them a broken world will reach them,” says Bethany. 

This book is in contrast to the new woke baby books designed to indoctrinate children early. It is timely due to the current pro-life issues, state battles, and rallies from Washington, D.C. to Texas to Mississippi. The book has been endorsed by national leaders such as Abby Johnson (Unplanned book and movie), Dr. Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.), Jeanne Mancini (March for Life President), Father Frank Pavone (National Director of Priests for Life), and more.

The book even teaches children ways they can become pro-life kids, too:
•    Share the book with others
•    Pray that abortion will end.
•    Always be kind. Show others that every life matters.
•    Help local pregnancy resource centers with supplies such as diapers.
•    If you were adopted, share your story.
•    Draw a picture for a friend and highlight why he or she is special.
•    Wear a pro-life shirt to show the truth to others.
•    Send a letter to your local/state/federal leaders and encourage them to pass laws to protect moms and their babies.
•    Invite your friends to a pro-life event.
•    Choose to march for Life in DC or in your own state.


Bethany relates her personal story with the kids that have grown up in church but never had a deeper understanding that God had a divine purpose for their lives. “I knew in my head He had a plan,” says Bethany, “but I didn’t know it in my heart.”

Bethany began to connect the disappointments she felt to God not having a plan or caring. Like many kids without the true understanding of God’s divine purpose, Bethany’s behavior reflected her inner feelings. It was not long before Bethany found herself pregnant and not married. “With the pregnancy of my first child I started the transformation from head knowledge,” says Bethany “to heart understanding and immense freedom in the fact that I don’t have to be defined by my bad decisions.” 

Bethany’s first ultrasound was on a Valentine’s day. That night after seeing the ultra sound and hearing her baby’s heart beat God gave Bethany Psalm 34:5, "'They looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces were not ashamed.' I then knew that my daughter would only know the love of God and the power of being a child of his,” says Bethany.                                         


Ryan grew up in a Christian transracial home in Pennsylvania with 12 other siblings – 9 of whom were adopted, including him. When Ryan was 13 he found out his biological mom was raped yet she courageously gave him a chance at life by giving him up for adoption (Ryan was adopted at 6 weeks old).  

The news devastated him. “Had I not felt the love of my parents, I would have fallen apart,” says Ryan. “The whole narrative of my life, who I thought I was, was destroyed. It was one of those defining moments.”  

Shortly thereafter, Ryan had to give a persuasive speech in school about abortion. “I told my story and watched everyone’s reactions,” he says. “It was then I understood I had a story to tell, and needed to tell it, but didn’t know how I was going to tell it.”  

To date, Ryan has never met his biological mom.

Today Bethany is the Co-Founder (along with her hubby Ryan) and Executive Director of The Radiance Foundation, a life-affirming organization that creatively illuminates that life has purpose. Together Ryan and Bethany educate people on social issues through their organization utilizing billboards, media, events and other means to inspire people to find their God-given purpose.  

“Purpose is the motivating force behind what we do,” says Bethany, “From the beginning God determined there was a purpose.” It explains the tenacity with which we pursue our dreams, realize our hopes and expect the reward of attainment. 

As a public speaker, Bethany travels across the country talking about the issues that are close to her heart, such as Atmosphere of Faith, Transformed, Adopted And Loved, How to Be A Pro-life Kid and many others.

You can hear Bethany and Ryan on their podcast, Life Has Purpose, that deals with core issues like abortion, adoption, racism, family, faith, school choice, sexual identity/confusion, free speech, religious liberty and more on every major podcast platform. She also taught in public and private schools for 13 years and is currently a homeschooling and adoptive mama with four kids: Rai Rai, Kai, Aliyah and Justice.

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