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Brody File Video Exclusive: Ben Carson Compares President Obama to Vladimir Putin

In an exclusive one-on-one interview with The Brody File from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida, Dr. Ben Carson says President Barack Obama is like Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, citing the fact that the president has overstepped his constitutional authority.

The Brody File spent the afternoon with the fascinating Dr. Carson and his wife Candy on Wednesday (See us shooting pool here). We’re working on an upcoming national profile story for The 700 Club.

He talked in depth about the intersection of faith and politics along with a myriad of other issues. We’re releasing a short video segment now.

Watch the clip below along with a partial transcription.


David Brody: If President Obama said, ‘Come on over Dr. Carson to the White House’...I'm not sure that call is coming. But if he did and you had five minutes with the President in the Oval Office, what is something you would want to tell him personally?

Ben Carson: I would want to tell him, ‘Sir I understand that you have very defined ideas of what you think America is, but you work for the people, they don't work for you. I would like you to reevaluate your goals in light of what's good for America and not what is good for your agenda.’

Brody: Constitutional authority...he has overstepped that, you believe, in many instances?

Carson: Without question. Hopefully the legislatures in Congress will understand what they need to do.

Brody: What will they need to do?

Carson: They need to have a spine. They need to stand up because once you allow someone to take liberties with the system they're not going to stop. This is going to keep going until you stop him. Our President is very much like Putin and ‘Oh, gee. There's no resistance here. Well, I will just keep going’ and the resistance needs to be there.

Look, if Dr. Carson runs for president, he’s going to shake up politics and politicians. He’s not your typical, lunch bucket Republican. He’s going to keep both Republicans and Democrats on their toes. There will be pitfalls for sure as the mainstream media takes aim during the vetting process.

But don’t underestimate the good doctor’s appeal to apply reason and logic to a number of issues in a precise, surgical way. He’ll be a breath of fresh air.

Additionally, he and his wife Candy are dedicated followers of Jesus. They don’t hide their faith. They can’t. It’s at the core of who they are as people. Evangelical Christians will be attracted to how he doesn’t shy away from proclaiming Jesus as Lord.

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