Huckabee: Son of the South


Who would you rather be this morning? Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee? 

Romney is in a pickle. Can he go forward? Of course he can and he would be competitive in some more states, but the electoral map is not in his favor. He needed California and it didn't happen. Now, where does he go? The South? That's not working out too good. The Mountain West you say? Well, he's done great there, but there are only a few states left to grab in that area.

Mike Huckabee on the other hand is strong in the South and guess what? Check your upcoming primary schedule. Here come Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, even Virginia. So hold on a minute. There seems to be a big swath that Huckabee can still play with. I'm not saying he's going to win the nomination. McCain looks very solid at this point but you can at least carve out a viable path for Huckabee that Romney is hard pressed to do.

So if you're John McCain, is Romney your best friend now? Wouldn't you want Romney to stay in the race and keep splitting votes with Huckabee? It may be an unconventional way of thinking, but there is some logic to it. Think about it. If Romney gets out, where do his voters go? You think they go to McCain? That's not a sure bet by a long shot. Every exit poll out there shows how voters want a candidate to "share their values" and Huckabee can tap into that. Could you imagine a McCain/Huckabee duel at the end here? Who would have thunk it? Imagine Rush Limbaugh at that point. What do you do then? I have an idea. Click here.


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