McCain's Phone Calls to Social Conservative Leaders


The Brody File has been talking to some influential social conservative leaders around the country and they tell me that they've been talking to John McCain for months. As a matter of fact, one leader told me John McCain called him after Super Tuesday this week. While details of the phone call remain secret, I can tell you that McCain was reaching out to this particular leader and emphasizing the common ground he has with social conservatives on the life issue, judges and defeating Islamic fascists.

Another social conservative leader told me McCain called him to discuss specifics on social conservative causes. I'm told McCain wanted to be more up to speed on the issues that are important to social conservatives. This leader told me that McCain hasn't been focused on their issues before so he's trying to become more aware of all the details.

Look, social conservatives know that McCain isn't going to go around on his presidential soapbox talking about the life and marriage issues. That's not his thing. They get that. One of the leaders even told me he has a lot of work to do with social conservatives. But, as the social issues go, the goal here is judges. If McCain is solid on judges (which he has been in the past…he even voted for controversial nominee Robert Bork) then the life and marriage issues get advanced down the field at the state level. That's the thinking by some, not all in the social conservative movement. Then throw in how McCain is solid in their view on fighting the war on terror and you have a candidate that some at least could get behind.


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