Only on Brody File: Donald Trump: 'Our Leaders Have No Clue'


By Brody File Producer, Dana Ritter:

Donald Trump doesn't mince words when it comes to his opinion of how the Obama White House handled the situation in Egypt this past spring. Hear what he told the Brody File in an interview this week.

David Brody: I want to ask you, one of the things you talk about in the book that would be particularly interesting to our audience is about these Muslim countries. You call President Obama a disgrace, when it comes to the face that he’s apologizing to these Muslim countries for America. Talk to me about that.

Donald Trump: You know the amazing thing about the whole deal is that if you look at Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood just announced today they’re virtually taking over Egypt. And our foreign policy, they don’t know what they’re doing.

Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt, this was never going to happen. We really got Mubarak out. We pushed him, now he’s sitting in a courtroom in a cage. This was an ally of Israel. This was an ally of us, pretty much.

Now, who knows what they say behind our back, but at least outwardly, he was an ally. I’m sure he didn’t love too much about what was going on anyway, but he was the best thing that Israel had, probably. And he’s now out, and the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over, and it’s pretty sad and we have no clue. Our leaders have no clue.

Trump has a new book out this week called, Time To Get Tough. More on that this Friday as we run a national piece on "The 700 Club."

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