Hillary Suffering From 'October Surprise Disease'

Hillary Suffering From 'October Surprise Disease'


Well, we don't have to wonder anymore about Hillary Clinton's health. This latest news regarding the FBI reopening the investigation into her private email server roughly a week before Election Day confirms that Clinton does indeed have a condition.

It's called, "October Surprise Disease." Politically, there may be no cure. 

Look, let's put this FBI news in a broader context. First of all, the fact that this is happening so close to Election Day is problematic enough for Team Clinton. That's the no-brainer part of this.

Here's what makes it worse:

  • The FBI isn't putting a timetable as to when this investigation will be finished. That means this cloud of uncertainty (indictment or no indictment) will be over Clinton's head for the foreseeable future. Will voters be okay with a presidential candidate in legal limbo?
  • The WikiLeaks emails now reveal a Clinton campaign acknowledging the private email server issue was bad for them and stupid for her to do. That will be brought up again and plays into the narrative.
  • What about the Clinton people who pleaded the fifth regarding this email server issue? That becomes another layer.

Throw all of this together and something very well may happen in these last few days before Election Day: Donald Trump gains automatic standing and credibility for bringing up the rigged system/corruption storyline.

He won't get kudos from those who aren't going to vote for him. That cake is baked. But for those who haven't made up their mind yet, this could be the clincher.

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