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Their Son Owes His Life to You!

Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

Before their son was born, the Ji’s daydreamed for hours about his future. They hoped BoChen would be strong and live a happy and healthy life. But it wasn’t long before he started getting sick.

His father explains, “His lips turned purple. And his immunity was weak, so when he caught colds, they lasted for over two weeks. Sometimes he cried so much, he fainted.”  

It turned out that BoChen had a hole in his heart.

“I couldn’t believe it, so I had an ultrasound done,” says Mrs. Ji. “It showed he really did have heart trouble.”  

Mrs. Ji kept a close watch on BoChen and spent all her spare time looking for ways to help him get better.

She recounts, “BoChen had a hard time breathing. And he was so tiny. I worried his brain and bones wouldn’t develop right. And when I looked online, I found out that children like BoChen sometimes don’t even live to be three.”

Mr. Ji worked hard to support his family, but there was no way he could afford surgery for his son. Over time, the hole compromised BoChen’s lungs, and he didn’t get the oxygen he needed. Once he went into cardiac shock and ended up in the hospital.  

“I asked my husband, ‘Do you think he will live?’” says Mrs. Ji. She continues with sorrow, “I wouldn’t be able to handle him dying. He was part of me.”

Mr. Ji adds, “I remembered our wishes. But now our boy wasn’t going to be strong. The doctor even said BoChen wouldn’t be able to do anything strenuous.” 

BoChen got pneumonia and had to go back to the hospital several times. Finally, someone there told the couple about CBN. They contacted us, and we set up heart surgery for BoChen right away.

“You fixed everything. CBN’s love made my family feel so warm,” proclaims Mrs. Ji.

Mr. Ji adds, “BoChen started gaining weight. Now, he’s healthy. He loves to smile and he’s happy every day.” 

“He’s smart and will live a long life. If CBN hadn’t helped us, I don’t know if my son would have made it,” exclaims Mrs. Ji.

Her husband concludes, “Thank you for providing us such timely help, and thank you for giving us hope!”

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