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They Applied an Unbeatable Financial Strategy!

Cheryl Wilcox - 700 Club Producer
Shawn Brown - 700 Club Producer

Mark was a divorced single dad. Lisa was coming out of her own divorce. Some mutual friends introduced the two to each other one Sunday morning in church.

One year later…they married. At the time, Mark was making good money running his family’s monument business. But soon, he felt he needed a change.

Mark says, “I was good at what I did, but I just wasn’t satisfied, I wasn’t fulfilled.”

“I was a little taken aback by it,” Lisa says, “and a little afraid because we had a lot of responsibility.”

Mark sold his family’s business, and then landed a job as a financial advisor in an investment firm. But Mark began having trouble at his new job earning enough money to support his family.

“They pay you a small salary. It's just enough to live. And then that salary eventually goes away over several months, and then you're on your own by what you produce.”

Before long, the couple were in serious financial trouble

Mark remembers, “I felt like I was in the middle of an ocean. I was looking for a life raft.”

Lisa says, “It got to the point that we had to put our house for sale and I don't know where we thought we were going to live. There was just – the money was going and almost gone.”

Even though they were struggling, they wouldn’t stop tithing off the little income they made.

Lisa says, “We put Malachi 3:10 on our computer screen to remind us. And it talks about ‘bring the whole tithe into the storehouse uh so that there will be food in His house.’ And he says, ‘Test me and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and bless you.’ And we stood on that promise.”

And every day, they prayed for a miracle.

As “700 Club” viewers, they had watched stories where couples laid hands on their bills. Mark and Lisa did the same.

And then one day, the couple saw something else on the program.

Mark says, “Pat comes on and says, you know, ‘There's someone out there that needs a financial miracle and we're going to pray.’”

Lisa remembers, “And the moment he said it, I knew that was for me. And I got up and I just prayed and I just claimed it. And it wasn't long after that prayer that things began to change.”

Within two hours, Lisa was offered a teaching job. And shortly after, Mark got a call out of the blue.

Mark says, “And they said, ‘Well, we would like to talk to you about coming and working for us.’ And I thought, ‘Well, yeah, I'll do that.’"  

Lisa says, “It immediately changed everything. And within a year he received a nice bonus, which is kind of unheard of. And it – and there again, it – in the natural it didn’t make sense, but we knew that was God.”

The new job gave Mark a steady income – with a hefty raise. And while they did eventually sell their house, it wasn’t because they had to downsize…it was because they were now moving into their dream home, twice the size of their last.

Mark says, “That's not because I’m smart, that's not because I'm the best financial advisor in the world, that's because of God's goodness.”

Lisa says, “God is faithful. He has been so faithful to us and we – there is no reason why we should be where we're at today other than God. That's the only explanation. He did this.”

Mark is now a senior vice president at the company that cold-called him those years ago…and they are bringing home *six times* more than they did before mark changed careers. In fact, their giving today is more than what their annual salary used to be…And the couple say that giving is the key to their success.

Lisa says, “I don't think we would have seen the breakthroughs had we not trusted God with our finances during our greatest hour of need.”

Mark says, “Even when times are lean and you don't feel like giving, give anyway. Because God will come through. He may not come through. He will do His part, He always does.”

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