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They Called Him: "Twisted Monkey Mouth"

Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

Every morning before school, Xiao Qiang thought to himself, “Maybe this would be the day his classmates finally accepted him.”

He says, “No one ever wanted to play with me or even be near me.  It is because of my lip.  All my classmates called me ‘Twisted Monkey Mouth.’”

Qiang was born with a cleft lip and palate.  As a single mom, Mrs. Xiao worked hard to try to raise money for surgery.  She runs a grocery store and cleans, but has never made more than $168 per month. 

“It was very hard,” she shares.  “I was really worried about Qiang’s future.  I wondered how he would get a job in this modern culture, where outward appearance is so important.” 

By the time he was 10, Qiang’s confidence was almost nonexistent.

“I still thought it would be wonderful if he could get surgery during summer vacation and then go back to school looking brand new,” Mrs. Xiao says.   “I just prayed, ‘Lord, you know my son needs surgery.’” 

When Mrs. Xiao contacted CBN, we quickly set up the operation her son needed.

“When I told my son the news,” she declares, “He jumped really high and shouted, ‘I’m going to get my lip fixed!  I will never be ‘Twisted Monkey Mouth’ again!’”

Since the surgery, everything has changed for Qiang.  He has lots of friends, and he’s always one of the first picked for teams.  Now he has confidence and hope for his future.  

Mrs. Xiao smiles and declares, “CBN showed Qiang that true love really exists in this world.”

Qiang concludes, “Thank you so much for your help.  This is the happiest time in my life!”

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