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Where is my life headed?

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

9-year-old Seyha first heard about the Gospel watching a CBN’s Superbook cartoon at a church near his home in Cambodia.

“I was playing near the church. The pastor waved to me and invited me to come into the building with some other kids. I wondered why so many kids that I knew were there.”  

That day Seyha told us he watched the Superbook episode about David and Goliath. “Goliath swung his sword at David,” he said. “But David slid under him and threw a stone at his forehead. Goliath fell down and David cut him with the sword! I love David because he strong and brave!"

Seyha told us he’d grown up in a traditional Buddhist family. “My grandmother said if I burned incense and prayed that I would receive what I ask for. But I never received anything. So, I did not like to go there anymore.” 

He said after he watched Superbook he decided to pray to become a Christian. “After I believed in Jesus, I was so happy, because I know if I have faith in God, I will be strong just like David.”

This past year during COVID Seyha has had to be strong, expecially when there was no food to eat. “In the morning I went to the rice pot but there was nothing to eat,” he said. “So I asked Grandma, ‘What do we have to eat?' And she said, 'I am sorry child, there is no food for breakfast or lunch.’”

When CBN’s Orphan’s Promise heard about their situation, we gave the family food packs to help them manage. Now that the Church program has re-opened, Seyha took his brother Piseth to watch Superbook. Piseth prayed to become a Christian and now their Grandma goes to church with the boys too!  

“Thank you to all the donors who gave us food and helped us know Jesus through Superbook,” said Seyha with a big smile.

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