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Articles on Sickness

After a year of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer, Maybelline struggled with her diagnosis. One day the daunting fear...


The Tomorrow of Hope Today

How will placing your hope in God’s Word help you wait out the delay of rescue?

A young wife and mother of two experiences a headache and seeks a moment of relaxation in the bath. What happens next changes this family forever.

Emily thought she knew the reason behind her stomach pain, but as the symptoms grew worse, her usual way of life came to a standstill.

A family in China had to walk six miles to get safe drinking water. One night they ran out of water and little Niti was so thirsty that he drank...

At an early age Quan Shou lost both parents to health complications. So he decided to honor them by helping the sick. The boy’s plans were shattered...

In southern India, Anjaiah and his wife and 2-year-old daughter had to walk three miles and tiptoe around snakes and scorpions to fetch dirty water....

Dr. Don Colbert will share his health struggles that led him to a sugar detox method combined with an anti-inflammatory diet that resolves a broad...

Lauren Chandler, author of "Steadfast Love" will tell of God’s faithfulness and love when her husband was given two years to live with brain cancer...

When Andrew was born, he had one lung and his heart was on the wrong side of his chest.  His parents were told to prepare for their baby's...


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