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Devotions on Faith

When we are asked to die to ourselves and live in Christ, what does this mean? What does it look like?

Mountains and mulberry trees seem not to have much in common, but Jesus used both as examples in a parable he taught to his followers.

The longer we stay in the confinement of the strongholds that hold us back, the more we will become a limited and bound creature of habit.

While hiking on a trail lined by granite boulders, a welcome habitat for warmth-seeking snakes, I wasn't thinking about the legless reptiles, though...

Join God in what He is already doing and allow Him to supply your needs and steer the boat.

Where do you feel like the Lord is leading you? Are you uncertain about the path? Don’t worry for a minute because you have the Bible, God’s Word, as...

God's mighty power fills our emptiness and restores our hope.

A car engine is complex, but turning it on with a key is simple. Any attempt to understand God (what we call theology) is on one hand extremely...

Do you want to leave a legacy for the Kingdom of God but feel hindered or inadequate? Are you waiting for something to fall neatly into place,...

Faith pays off. Incredible, daring, adventurous faith in the name of pursuing God’s Kingdom will not fail.


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