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Devotions on Faith

A car engine is complex, but turning it on with a key is simple. Any attempt to understand God (what we call theology) is on one hand extremely...

Do you want to leave a legacy for the Kingdom of God but feel hindered or inadequate? Are you waiting for something to fall neatly into place,...

Faith pays off. Incredible, daring, adventurous faith in the name of pursuing God’s Kingdom will not fail.

I saw how we, as God's creations, start out as nothing more than ingredients in God's mixing bowl.

If the Christian life wasn’t challenging, we’d break at the first test of faith.

God never intended prayer to be complicated, so what are you waiting for?

The Israelites were dogged by the same thing that keeps children of God today from enjoying the full benefits of salvation - unbelief...

Prayer is described as earthly petitions rising up “as the smoke of incense together with prayers” (Revelations 8:4) Suddenly I realized this was a...

When we give way to the temptation to frenzied activity, it never lends itself to obedience to God's will.

It is realizing and being sensitive to what keys God wants us to use at certain times as we transition in life that will make us successful.


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