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Devotions on Spiritual Warfare

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Devotions on Spiritual Warfare

Satan fears those who truly grasp hold of God’s Word and begin using it to their advantage.

His feet bleeding from open blisters, his hands and legs cramping, a young man reached the end of a three-day, 65-mile march.

It is not good enough to merely sit in church, sing the right songs, memorize Scripture, wear the right clothes, and know all the Holy Spirit catch-...

The Bible shows many examples of evil spirits at work in the world and in people.

Know if you are listening to the wrong voices and learn to listen to the truth of God's voice.

How many of us have said a particular situation or event would never happen to us or to those we love?

How was Satan's heart so hardened to God, the one he had long worshipped and praised?

Unwitting curiosity can unearth dark thoughts better left fallow.

God's not trying to fence anyone in — it is the enemy.

All the poisonous plants in my garden reminded me of the destructive weeds of the flesh.


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