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Healthy Living - January 28, 2020

Celebrity Chef Ellie Krieger Demonstrates Healthy Cooking

Widow’s Plight

Life is tough for Jaspreet, a widow in India struggling to raise three children. When she’s not earning a meager living sewing on a borrowed machine, she’s hiking for miles to fetch water for drinking and cooking. Discover who came with help and hope!

Seventeen Hours Cooking but Still Goes Hungry

Htar Lay is a cook in Myanmar struggling to support two kids. After working 17-hour days she doesn’t make enough to pay rent and buy food. Now she’s facing eviction. Is it possible for this family to escape the cycle of poverty? Watch now and discover the solution!

Healthy Living - January 14, 2020

How to Cook Healthy Foods

What The Heck Should I Cook?

Dr. Mark Hyman discusses lifelong health and how to use food as medicine for a vibrant, healthy body and mind.

The 700 Club - January 8, 2020

2020 can be your healthiest year yet as author Dr. Mark Hyman shares what to cook and what to avoid. Plus, protecting our classrooms by arming our teachers.

The 700 Club - December 24, 2019

A son is flatlining in the ER and no one can stop it. See the survival story that truly is a Christmas miracle. Plus, Kelly Minter shares the details of a Christmas feast that anyone can cook on today’s 700 Club.

How LA Rams WR Brandin Cooks Earned His Nickname

Brandin Cooks is a record-setting wide receiver with the Los Angeles Rams and is a force to be reckoned with on the football field.

Cooks is known as "The Archer."  Here's a look at how he earned that title. 

Studio 5: Hero Story - December 11, 2019

Actor Paul Walter Houser takes us inside the making of Clint Eastwood’s new film Richard Jewell. Members of Blank Ink Chicago talk about mental health. And the NFL’s Brandin Cooks shares his success story.

CBN NewsWatch PM: December 11, 2019

Refugee advocates rush to meet a deadline by the Trump Administration to make sure they can resettle in various communities next year. A Department of Justice Watchdog says “serious errors” in the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign and Russia. A winter freeze grips half the nation. The L.A. Rams’ Brandin Cooks talks faith and how he got the nickname “The Archer.” The New “WONDER WOMAN 1984” movie trailer is out.

The 700 Club - December 9, 2019

Find out why LA Rams record-setting receiver Brandin Cooks is called, “The Archer.” Plus, with churches in the crosshairs congregations are ramping up security. See what’s being done to keep you safe.

NFL Receiver Fixes Eyes on Jesus

The Los Angeles Rams’ Brandin Cooks is known for his blistering and productive pass-receiving speed! Nicknamed “The Archer,” he puts both his unseen enemies and football opponents to flight!

'The Holy Spirit Overwhelmed Me': How This Gay Hollywood Designer Found Redemption and Freedom in Christ

Swimming in Drew Barrymore's pool. Vacationing at Diane Keaton's getaway home. Going to the Grammy Awards or rocking Paris Fashion Week. This was the lifestyle of Becket Cook, and he absolutely loved it until the day he suddenly didn't. 

Former Homosexual Addresses Church’s Questions About Gays

Author Becket Cook confronts the uncomfortable questions about homosexuality that plague the church today.

A Change of Affection

Becket Cook shares how God turned his homosexual identity upside down and brought him the peace and freedom that he never knew was possible.

A Gay Man's Incredible Story of Redemption

Beckett Cook shares how he went from being a successful Hollywood set designer with his identity rooted in his sexuality, to a sudden transformation through God.


'Go to the Sound of Guns - Go to the Sound of Needs': Missionary Tells True Story of Free Burma Rangers in New Movie 

A new film tells the story of an American missionary family serving in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Free Burma Rangers will be in theaters two days only, Monday and Tuesday, February 24 - 25.

700 Club Interactive - February 20, 2020

Sarah Bowling travels the world saving babies & toddlers as founder of Saving Moses, a humanitarian organization and tells us why these children are at urgent risk.

Studio 5: Legend Calling

Harrison Ford, Omar Sy and Cara Gee go behind-the-scenes of their new film, The Call of the Wild. Justin Bieber drops new music and LeBron James pens his first children’s book, and surprises the first graduating class from his school.

Rescuing Those Hanging by a Thread

Author, speaker and Bible teacher Sarah Bowling shares about her ministry, Saving Moses, which is devoted to saving malnourished children.

Rescuing Children from the Dangers of the Sex Industry

Sarah Bowling, the founder of Saving Moses, discusses her ministry which provides help in places where the need is most urgent and the help least available.

The 700 Club - February 19, 2020

Find out why a dad heads to jail for his son’s crime. Plus, learn more about one woman’s ministry to rescue children from the dangers of the sex industry.

Christian World News - Saving Africa’s Orphans

How an early life-lesson gave one man the faith to save thousands of orphans.

Life-Threatening Limbo: Christian Org Sounds Alarm for Thousands of Families Along US-Mexico Border

A Trump administration policy that requires asylum seekers to wait for US court hearings in Mexico is threatening the health of families and children say humanitarian advocates.

'This Beautiful Book': Museum of the Bible Founder on Why the Bible Matters Today

As president of Hobby Lobby and the founder of the Museum of the Bible, Steve Green is a lifelong student of the scriptures and in his new book, zooms out to look at the big, beautiful picture they paint. 

Florida Lawmakers Considering Ban on Sex-Change Surgeries for Children

Following South Dakota, one lawmaker in Florida is proposing legislation that would outlaw sex-change procedures for children.

Republican Warns Religious Rights Could be Threatened as LGBT Bill Flies Through VA Legislature

The Commonwealth of Virginia could become the first southern state to ban LGBT discrimination. 

Life-Changers: Journey to Europe

Meet the Europeans who are dedicated to changing lives in their multi-lingual and multi-cultural region of the world.

New Media Platform Brings Christ to Kids

Erick Goss discusses MINNO, a kid-focused, faith-based alternative to popular streaming platforms.

Texas Couple to Orphans: 'Hang on, Help is Coming, Somebody Does Love You'

For far too many kids across America, having a family is only a dream. Each day, the state takes custody of more and more children because their parents either can't or won't take care of them. Now a Texas couple is working to rescue those children from a life of neglect.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - January 28, 2020


700 Club Interactive - January 27, 2020

Nancy Chalmers’ “perfect life” crumbled under her son’s drug addiction, but it’s also how she learned how to be vulnerable with her Christian community and trust God with her children.


Historically Christian Finland Threatens to Fine, Imprison Believers Who Speak Out on Matters of Faith

Almost 70 percent of Finns are still members of the national Lutheran church. But that doesn't mean they're believers. Less than a third of Finns now say they believe in God. This historically Christian nation has not only left the faith but has begun criminal investigations of Christians. 

The 700 Club - February 14, 2020

A couple reaches a violent breaking point in their marriage before finding the path to healthy communication. Plus, best-selling author Tim Keller shares his secret to a successful marriage.

'With God All Things Are Possible:' Ex-Porn Star Minister Encourages Singles to Live in Purity and Date God's Way

Brittni De La Mora was in the porn industry for 7 years. Back then, she never imagined that she would one day find God and marry a pastor.  On February 20, 2016, Brittni and Richard De La Mora were married. Today they pastor XXX Church, ministering to people about the dangers of pornography while encouraging them to live a sexually pure life.

Surviving the Challenges of Marriage

Years of financial issues pushed Tryphena to a violent breaking point. Then a couples’ program made way for healthy communication and healing between Tryphena and her husband.

Tim & Kathy Keller: How to Avoid a Bad Marriage & How to Make a Good Marriage Great

Popular New York City Pastor Tim Keller and his wife Kathy share how couples can make their union a life-long hit while guiding singles on how to avoid a bad marriage.

Church of England Apologizes for Saying Only Married Heterosexuals Should Have Sex

The archbishops of Canterbury and York have apologized after the Church of England (CofE) recently announced biblical guidelines for sexuality that said only heterosexual married couples should have sex.

Prayer Link – Wendy Griffith’s 29 Days of Praying for Singles – Feb. 4, 2020

CBN’s Wendy Griffith shares her journey from singleness to Mrs. She also discusses her 29 day campaign to pray for other singles. Plus, 40 Days for Life President Shawn Carney discusses his new book, “To the Heart of the Matter: The 40-Day Companion to Live a Culture of Life,” which encourages believers to support the unborn through prayer.

700 Club Interactive - January 30, 2020

A man suffers from PTSD due to several combat tours with the Army and Marines. After his marriage falls apart he becomes suicidal, until he cries out to God during a suicide attempt.

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 22, 2020

The death toll from the mysterious coronavirus rised to 17 – what are the symptoms and how to protect your health. President Trump praises the American economy abroad. The Senate Impeachment Trial goes into day two. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with a U.S. Congressional Delegation. Sanctity of Life Day proclaimed ahead of March for Life. Concerned Women for America’s Penny Nancy talks about the realities of marriage in light of a new movie from Hollywood called “Marriage Story.

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 22, 2020

On Newswatch AM January 22: First day of Senate impeachment trial of President Trump goes late into the night; Chief Justice John Roberts, presiding over the trial, rebukes both sides for their rhetoric; coronavirus spreading in China as first case arrives in US; Hillary Clinton now says she’ll endorse Bernie Sanders if he wins the Democratic nomination after previously saying nobody likes him or wants to work with him; Trump, at Davos World Economic Forum, says attacks failed predictions of env

Iris Wants to Hug You!

For years, Iris suffered in an abusive marriage. It grieved her that her kids often witnessed the violence. Finally, she summoned the courage to leave and take her children with her. But making a living was a struggle. What could she do to feed her family? Someone gave Iris a big idea that made her so happy that she wants to hug you. Watch now!

Sick Doctor Experiences Jesus—the Great Physician and Provider!

Joanna and David have been faithful givers throughout their marriage, and it has always paid off. Hear their story of money challenges, and how God always saw them through.

The 700 Club - January 7, 2020

A woman’s ten decades of pain vanish in a snap. Plus, every couple makes mistakes that can threaten a marriage. Authors Tim and Kathy Keller share strategies to strengthen your union.

The Meaning of Marriage: Biblical Tips from Tim & Kathy Keller Aim to Make Your Marriage Better

Tim Keller, founder of the mega-church Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City, and his wife Kathy are well-known for giving top-notch marriage advice. They're following up their bestseller The Meaning of Marriage with a daily devotional – The Meaning of Marriage: A Couple's Devotional – that slices their advice into 365 bite-sized pieces.

Will You Obey God or Will You Obey the Government? Frightening Challenges to Americans' Conscience

Religious liberty today faces more challenges than ever. "We're seeing all kinds of new religious liberty conflicts and Christians really being put to the choice: will you obey God or will you obey the government?"

TPi - Does Prayer Really Change Things?

Discover how prayer restored the marriage of Proverbs 31 Ministry founder, Lysa TerKeurst and saved the life of CBN News anchor and host Prayer Link Charlene Aaron.


9th Circuit Rules 'No Right to Privacy' in OR Trans Bathroom Case - Three Girls Sue CT Over Trans Athletes Policy

The most liberal federal appeals court in the country has upheld a pro-transgender ruling. A lower court had dismissed a lawsuit against an Oregon school district that had allowed a transgender student to use bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers that match his gender identity. Meanwhile, in Connecticut, a new lawsuit is putting the spotlight on women's sports in high school, the threat from transgender athletes, and the focus on Title IX - a federal law designed to protect equal athletic opportunities for women and girls.

Texas Couple to Orphans: 'Hang on, Help is Coming, Somebody Does Love You'

For far too many kids across America, having a family is only a dream. Each day, the state takes custody of more and more children because their parents either can't or won't take care of them. Now a Texas couple is working to rescue those children from a life of neglect.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - January 27, 2020


The Global Lane - EP329 - January 23, 2020

Parents of Assyrian priest kidnapped & Christians arrested in Turkey: Iran protests & Christianity growing; Homelessness at highest levels since Great Depression; Surviving battlefield & Homefront; Amazon palm purchasing. Mark of Beast?

This Big Montana Case at the Supreme Court Is All About Religious Freedom for Parents and Students

Montana was giving tax breaks to those who donated to scholarships helping Montana students attend private schools. But when it realized most of those scholarships were going to children at religious schools, Montana stopped that from happening. Parents say that's discrimination, and the case ended up at the Supreme Court this week.

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 17, 2020

The U.S. Senate readies for President Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial. President Trump gets praise for his efforts to protect student’s rights to pray. As pressure builds on the Iranian regime, we hear from the Middle East on what the Iranian people want. Also, Mike Ansari with Heart4Iran talks about the growth of the church in Iran. A warning for parents when it comes to streaming services and content from Hollywood targeting their kids. Shawn Brown talks sports and NFL playoffs.

Superstitious Over Cleft Lip

When Jun Jie was born with cleft lip, superstitious neighbors were only the start of their troubles. Jun Jie’s parents got a reality check when he stopped eating and became weak. Watch what happened when his mom and dad discovered how Jun Jie could get better—because of caring friends like you!

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 15, 2020

Open Doors releases its 2020 World Watch Christian Persecution report, where does China stand as President Trump signs trade deal with the communist nation?, Democratic debate gets more attention for what happened after it. Priscilla Shirer recovers from lung surgery. Texas Governor honors church shooting hero. A warning for Parents about inappropriate entertainment Hollywood is marketing to kids. A program for college students to experience modern Israel and a look at “Little Women” which has a

They Mocked Her Bowed Legs

Her name is Glory, but her young life was miserable as her legs became bowed until she could barely walk. Her schoolmates in Tanzania called her cruel names. Even worse, Glory’s anxious parents couldn’t afford corrective surgery. Find out how a 16-hour bus ride changed this little girl’s life forever.

Little Hope for Dying Child

By the time Xue Ling was 3 months old, she was fighting for her life, very weak and with low immunity. Infection riddled her tiny lungs and intestines. Her poor parents borrowed money for surgery. Then, she developed sepsis and was near death. They prayed all night for God’s help. Watch what happened the next morning when you brought the answer!

The 700 Club - January 10, 2020

A son lay in a coma after being t-boned by an 18-wheeler and doctors tell the parents to brace for the worst. Watch a miraculous recovery unfold on today’s 700 Club.

700 Club Interactive - January 8, 2020

Michael’s parents were alcoholics and his father was abusive. When his mother went to jail, Michael turned to drugs and crime, but made a promise to God when an officer gave him a break.

The 700 Club - December 26, 2019

A missionary fights for his life after being infected with the Ebola virus. Plus, a track star is thrown from his friend’s car during a crash. His parents cling to a promise.

Prayer Link – Children’s Book Teaches Kids to Have Pro-Life Worldview - Decembe

Bethany Bomberger of Radiance Foundation shares about her book, “Pro-Life Kids,” and her desire to help parents instill a pro-life worldview in their children. Plus a look at what Christmas movies are available for streaming this holiday season.

Parent Pep Talk - The Superbook Show

Micah and Mariah act out what they think it looked like when Gabriel appeared and told Joseph to marry Mary.


TPi - Rejected for a Purpose

Legendary singer Larnelle Harris sits down with Erica Linney to discuss his life, musical career and latest book, Shaped Notes.

Cat and Dog Theology - The Superbook Show

Joel and Morgan explain how our favorite pets can teach us a lot about our relationship with God.

Life-Changers: Journey Through Worship

Jessica Datsko and Simisola Okai discuss the meaning of worship and its many expressions around the world.

Next Gen Voices: Krystal Oquist “In Your Corner”

When life gets tough, who is in your corner? Krystal Oquist, E-Church pastor at Trinity Church in Miami, believes if we choose our friends and mentors wisely, they will help us successfully navigate the challenges of life.

700 Club Interactive - January 20, 2020

When you honor others, you honor God. Pastor Rich Wilkerson Sr. says showing honor is the key to relationships, faith, and life.

Next Gen Voices: Mike Santiago “Choose It Before You Lose It”

In every relationship, there is a choice. A choice to continue to love, honor, and serve each other or a choice to stop trying and just follow our feelings. In this message, Pastor Mike Santiago of Focus Church in Raleigh, NC shares a simple scripture that can change the dynamic of your relationships.

Trump Praises Erdogan as Christians in Syria Detail Human Rights Abuses

One day after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited US President Donald Trump at the White House, reaction is coming in from Washington and the Middle East. For some, there’s growing concern about the ongoing US relationship with Turkey.   

Next Gen Voices: Mike Santiago “Secrets to the Kingdom”

Are you on fire for God or is your faith flickering out? Pastor Mike Santiago of Focus Church in Raleigh, NC reveals the secrets to God’s kingdom that will unlock God’s power and lead you into a deep relationship with Jesus.

Message of Grace Transforms LGBTQ Identity

MJ Nixon was born to a conservative Christian family; she could never reconcile her faith with her same sex attractions. While in college her inward hidden attractions were opened with a five-year relationship with a woman. Despite her deep bond with this woman, MJ felt a pull to end that relationship and seek God. Now MJ helps other in the LGBTQ find relationship with God

Next Gen Voices: Ashley Wilkerson “Prayer & Fasting”

What is fasting? When should I fast? Pastor Ashley Wilkerson of Church for All Nations in Tacoma, Washington says connecting to God through prayer and disconnecting from the world through fasting will deepen our relationship with God and strengthen our spirit man.

Sec. Rick Perry Explains 'Expansive Relationship' With Ukraine: 'God as My Witness Not Once Was Biden Mentioned'

WASHINGTON – When it comes to dealings with Ukraine, Energy Secretary Rick Perry says he probably has the most expansive relationships as any cabinet secretary but he says he's never heard former Vice President Joe Biden or his son Hunter come up in conversation. 

Tasting Grace

Food Network Star Melissa D’Arabian discusses having a deeper relationship with God.

The 700 Club - September 26, 2019

The Eagles’ star quarterback Carson Went is not just bringing joy to the Philly faithful, but his foundation is touching lives around the world. Plus, Food Network Star Melissa D’Arabian shares how she added depth to her relationship with God.

700 Club Interactive - September 23, 2019

When you honor others, you honor God. Pastor Rich Wilkerson Sr. says showing honor is the key to relationships, faith, and life.

Your Questions, Honest Answers: - September 9, 2019


Next Gen Voices: Mike Santiago “Choose It Before You Lose It”

In every relationship, there is a choice. A choice to continue to love, honor, and serve each other or a choice to stop trying and just follow our feelings. In this message, Pastor Mike Santiago of Focus Church in Raleigh, NC shares a simple scripture that can change the dynamic of your relationships.


TPi - Free Too Be Me

A South African youth finds himself at death’s door after addiction takes hold of his life. TPi gets a sneak peek into the life of Studio 5 host, Efrem Graham.

Discover Your Body’s Natural Age Fighter

It may not be the fountain of youth, but it’s the next best thing. Dr. John Axe goes inside, “The Collagen Diet,” and shares how it’s able to rejuvenate our bodies.

The Global Lane - EP330 - January 30, 2020

Holocaust remembrance & Auschwitz anniversary. Never again? Primary season & African American choice for president; Landmark trade deal signed, but is danger ahead? Youth view of impeachment; God & man's silence, life lessons & genocide.

Faithwire - Why People Leave the Faith - January 27, 2020

This week Aaron Rodgers announced that he has left the faith of his youth, but what he is saying is more common than you’d think. Dan and Dale discuss why people leave the faith on this week’s episode of Faith vs. Culture.

'They Want to Be a Light in Darkness': Church Leaders on Challenges of Raising Next Generation

Pastors and Christian leaders talk about how to raise Godly children in the current toxic culture.

'There's No Telling Where My Life Would Be' Without Dallas Ministry to Inner-City Kids 

Dallas ministry has been reaching out to inner-city kids for 26 years.

Turning Sports Fields into Fields of Faith: Christian Student Movement Reaching Millions

About 250,000 coaches, student-athletes, and their friends have been coming together this fall for what they call "Fields of Faith." Their goal is to show that God and sports make an awesome and powerful combo.  

'I Didn't Want to Believe It': Church Remembers Youth Pastor Gunned Down in His Home By Dallas Police Officer One Year Ago

26-year-old Botham Jean, an accountant, worship leader, and St. Lucia native was fatally shot September 6, 2018, when Dallas police officer Amber Guyger entered his home.  A year later, his friends and family are working to keep his legacy alive. 

The Global Lane EP 306 081519 - August 15, 2019

Pro-democracy chaos in Hong Kong. What's Beijing's next move? Trump backs down on new China tariffs; Colleges protect students from active shooters, but what about intellectual terrorism? Are evangelicals abandoning values for political power?

TPi - Episode 09-19

Legendary Worship leader, Don Moen, shares the heartbreak that inspired one of his most famous songs.

Designed to Prevent Religious Discrimination, 'Save Chick-fil-A Bill' Blocked by Texas LGBTQ Caucus 

The Texas LGBTQ caucus successfully blocked a House bill late Thursday introduced by Republicans to prevent religious discrimination by local governments. 

Armless Introvert to Public Proclaimer

Born without arms, Daniel Ritchie became increasing depressed and withdrawn as he entered high school. But an encounter with the love of Jesus Christ during a youth lock-in completely shifted Daniel’s life. Today he encourages others to see God’s purposeful design as an author and public speaker.

This is What Concerns Faith Leaders The Most in America Today

The Barna Group has just released the largest study ever on religious freedom in America.It took four years to complete and the results are astonishing.

Corey Thomas

Due to cruelty from church leaders, Corey Thomas saw God’s love as unattainable - until messengers, both divine and human, taught Him God loved him all along.

700 Club Interactive - March 7, 2019

"Jesus Global Youth Day" Executive Director Ron Luce discusses exploring new ways to reach the next generation for Christ.

Get Ready for Jesus Global Youth Day

Youth evangelist Ron Luce shares how you can help reach the next generation for Jesus around the world.