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Jerusalem Dateline: 7/21/17 Passions Inflamed Over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

From the Golan Heights – Israel troubled by Syrian ceasefire deal; and passions inflamed over Temple Mount after terror attack; plus a look at how Israeli doctors are saving lives in Africa; and a heart-warming visit to Jerusalem's Western Wall.

One-of-a-Kind Aquarium Comes to Jerusalem

Visitors to Jerusalem's biblical zoo will now be able to learn about sharks and and other fish from the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and other local bodies of water in a new aquarium, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Jerusalem Dateline: 7/14/17 CBN Founder Pat Robertson Interviews President Trump

CBN Founder Pat Robertson goes one-on-one with President Trump at White House; plus, how CBN'S history is tied to Israel’s Six-Day War –Robertson’s vow to the Jewish State; and find out what Israel's new aquarium has that's unique in all the world.

Jerusalem Dateline: 7/7/17 Christian Aid Worker Under Fire Saves Young Iraqi

Christian aid worker risks his life under fire to save a young Iraqi girl; plus, India's PM pays historic visit to Israel and Netanyahu visits the largest US aircraft carrier; and author Tom Doyle talks about ‘Christians Standing in the Fire.’

Israel Breaks Ground on First Settlement in Biblical Heartland in 25 Years

For the first time in 25 years, the Israeli government broke ground on a new community in Judea and Samaria. It's meant to replace a disputed community evacuated earlier this year.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/30/17 Jewish Community in Biblical Heartland 25-Year First

In exclusive interview US Ambassador Friedman says US-Israel relations "extraordinary;" plus, first in 25 years: new Jewish community breaks ground in biblical heartland; and Ismail’s story: a Syrian war refugee finds hope and a new beginning.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/23/17 NFL Hall of Famers Score Touchdown In Israel

NFL Hall of Famers take Israel by storm and find something special; plus Scott Ross takes to the streets to talk to Israelis about Jerusalem and the Six-Day War; and a look at how help is reaching refugees of the Syrian civil war.

Jerusalem Dateline: 06/16/17 The Hope: Birthing a Nation, Fulfilling Prophecy

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: the history of the modern State of Israel through the eyes of its founders: CBN’s documentary "The Hope" explores how courageous leaders birthed a nation and fulfilled biblical prophecy along the way.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/9/17 Israel Sees ‘Beginning of New Era’ with Haley at UN

US Ambassador to UN wows Israeli leaders: "with your support, we see the beginning of a new era;" plus counting the human cost 50 years after the Six-Day War; and a spectacular look at the Dead Sea – a wonder of the world.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/2/17 Oldest Paper with ‘Jerusalem’ On It Called Miraculous

Trump decides against US Embassy move to Jerusalem for now; plus CBN’s Scott Ross revisits one of the most important Six-Day War battle sites; and a look at the oldest piece of paper with ‘Jerusalem’ on it called ‘a miracle.’

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/26/17 Excavation Reveals Jerusalem Road Where Jesus Walked

President Trump visits Israel and pledges to protect it; plus a major archeological discovery in the heart of Jerusalem reveals street where Jesus walked; and Israelis take to the streets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/19/17 US Delays Jerusalem Embassy Move Ahead of Trump Trip

US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley tells CBN’s Brody: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, embassy should move there; but President Trump postpones US Embassy move to Jerusalem ahead of his visit; and how the Six-Day War opened up the biblical heartland.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/12/17 Many Christians Facing Unprecedented Persecution

World summit meets to defend Christians facing unprecedented persecution, martyrdom; plus the miracle of the Six-Day War which answered the prayers of millions of Jews throughout the generations; and a birds eye view of Masada and the Dead Sea.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/05/17 Trump Expected to Unveil Peace Plan on Israel Visit

US President Trump to visit Israel while Israelis celebrate 50th anniversary of reuniting Jerusalem; plus Trump hosts PA President Abbas but warns against incitement; and see why many Jews and Christians see Israel's founding as a miracle.

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/28/17 Will Trump Announce Embassy Move For Jerusalem Day?

Will US President Trump announce embassy move on expected historic visit to Israel? and a behind the scenes look at CBN's new docudrama ‘In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem,’ plus Israel celebrates independence -- nearly seven decades as a nation.

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/21/17 What the Suffering Mideast Church Can Teach the West

ISIS strikes the heart of Paris: and what the suffering Middle East church can teach the West; plus Israel honors the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust; and CBN’s Operation Blessing brings bread and hope to a devastated northern Iraqi town.