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Jerusalem Dateline: 5/26/17 Excavation Reveals Jerusalem Road Where Jesus Walked

President Trump visits Israel and pledges to protect it; plus a major archeological discovery in the heart of Jerusalem reveals street where Jesus walked; and Israelis take to the streets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/19/17 US Delays Jerusalem Embassy Move Ahead of Trump Trip

US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley tells CBN’s Brody: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, embassy should move there; but President Trump postpones US Embassy move to Jerusalem ahead of his visit; and how the Six-Day War opened up the biblical heartland.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/12/17 Many Christians Facing Unprecedented Persecution

World summit meets to defend Christians facing unprecedented persecution, martyrdom; plus the miracle of the Six-Day War which answered the prayers of millions of Jews throughout the generations; and a birds eye view of Masada and the Dead Sea.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/05/17 Trump Expected to Unveil Peace Plan on Israel Visit

US President Trump to visit Israel while Israelis celebrate 50th anniversary of reuniting Jerusalem; plus Trump hosts PA President Abbas but warns against incitement; and see why many Jews and Christians see Israel's founding as a miracle.

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/28/17 Will Trump Announce Embassy Move For Jerusalem Day?

Will US President Trump announce embassy move on expected historic visit to Israel? and a behind the scenes look at CBN's new docudrama ‘In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem,’ plus Israel celebrates independence -- nearly seven decades as a nation.

Jerusalem Dateline: 4/21/17 What the Suffering Mideast Church Can Teach the West

ISIS strikes the heart of Paris: and what the suffering Middle East church can teach the West; plus Israel honors the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust; and CBN’s Operation Blessing brings bread and hope to a devastated northern Iraqi town.

Jerusalem Dateline: 04/14/17 Is the Resurrection that Important to Christianity?

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: US, Russia clash over Syria -- is Trump right to enforce ‘red line’? plus Egypt's Christians deal with aftermath of terror attacks; and Jews celebrate Passover, Christians celebrate Jesus resurrection in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Dateline: 04/07/17 US Strike in Syria Shakes Up the Middle East

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: US President Trump launches military strike against Syria for using chemical weapons; the strike shakes up the Middle East; plus a look at how Arabs and Jews study side by side in this school.

P.A. Corruption Radicalizing Arab Youth?

What's the reason behind ongoing terrorism in Israel? Palestinians point to anger over claims of Israel occupation. Others blame it on hopelessness and despair.

Jerusalem Dateline: 3/31/17 ‘New Sheriff In Town’ Rejects Israel-Bashing at UN

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: the largest US pro-Israel group celebrates “no daylight” between Washington & Jerusalem; U.N. still bashing Israel, but US ambassador says no more; and take a trip on the Gospel Trail and see where Jesus walked.

Jerusalem Dateline: 3/24/17 Why Israelis Among the Happiest Peoples in the World

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Islamic terror hits London -- analysis from Israel; author Joel Rosenberg on why Islamic terror threatens the US, too; millennial pastors inspired by Israel; and restoration on Christianity's holiest site completed.

Marathon Marks 50th Anniversary of United Jerusalem

Tens of thousands of runners from around the world converged on Jerusalem Friday for the city's annual marathon. Some say it's more than just a sporting event, it's a spiritual journey, too.

Jerusalem Dateline: 03/17/17 30,000+ Run in Record Jerusalem Marathon

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: runners from around the world converge on Jerusalem for its annual marathon; plus will President Trump move the US embassy to Jerusalem? And the place where many believe Jesus arose from the dead gets a face lift.

Jerusalem Dateline: 03/10/17 The Real Story Behind History’s Oldest Land Dispute

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Jewish people and Palestinian Arabs both claim ownership of the land of Israel, but whose land is it? We take a look at the Jewish claims to the land of Israel -- the real story behind history’s oldest land dispute.

Thousands of Injured Syrians Treated in Israel

At the Galilee Medical Center in the northern coastal city of Nahariya, the staff has treated more than 1,500 victims of the Syrian civil war over the past three years.

At the Lebanese Border, Israel Prepares for War with Hezbollah

Ten years ago Hezbollah militants crossed from Lebanon into Israel to attack a military outpost. That cross-border ambush not only sparked a war, it revealed the dangers Israelis face every day from all sides.