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UN Insults Israel's Beginnings, Pundit Sounds Alarm for US Jews 12/02/2022

A UN resolution targets Israel's existence on the international stage. Plus, Turkey continues its assault on Northeast Syria, a new initiative helps Holocaust survivors locate relatives and an Israeli journalist warns Jews in the US to flee.

Turkey Prepares to Invade Syria Amid Fears of Civilian Casualties 11/29/2022

Netanyahu's coalition talks continue, Turkey prepares for an invasion against Kurdish forces in Syria and tensions flare over an FBI investigation into a journalist's death. Plus a look at an historic UN vote and Christian Zionist friends of Israel.

Israeli Archaeology: Ancient Treasures Uncovered from Land and Sea 11/25/2022

From a new Western Wall tunnel to restoration work on an ancient site; spectacular treasures from early Christianity and bringing trees back to life, bearing fruit from Bible times, a special show on some of the latest archaeological finds in Israel.

What's Next for Likud Negotiations and Israeli Fans Attend World Cup 11/22/2022

Billions of eyes are on Qatar for this year's World Cup Tournament. Netanyahu's coalition negotiations continue and Azerbaijan takes a major step towards the Jewish state. And we dive deep into an ancient Ethiopian holiday in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu Sets Deadline for Presenting New Government Within a Week 11/18/2022

Netanyahu continues forming his coalition, a historian discusses Israel's future, a fallen hero receives honor and the Climate Summit meets in Egypt. Plus, Heidi Baker reports on Mozambique and archeologists uncover an ancient Byzantine winery.

Netanyahu Promises Stability as He Begins Forming New Government 11/15/2022

Netanyahu receives the mandate to form his government. Plus a terror bombing in Istanbul, the UN condemns Israel and a new Palestinian militia forms in Nablus. We’ll hear the music of Joshua Aaron and see how Christians are rallying around Israel.

How will Netanyahu's Election Affect Israel-US Relations? 11/11/2022

Experts warn that Israel-US relations could be tested in the months ahead; plus, a hidden monastery found in the UAE; and, a Ukrainian pastor's miraculous escape from Russian captivity; and, the man on a mission to bring Christian leaders to Israel.

New Era for Israel with Netanyahu's Victory: A Look at What's Ahead 11/08/2022

What's next as Prime Minister Netanyahu begins to build a coalition and form his government? Plus, we explore the connection between Jerusalem and Brazil’s recent elections. And, we'll look at the life and legacy of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Netanyahu Makes Huge Comeback, Will Return as Israel's Prime Minister 11/4/2022

Benjamin Netanyahu makes a stunning comeback as Israel's prime minister; plus, Saudi Arabia warns of a potential imminent attack from Iran; and, visit an archaeological discovery from the time of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Unprecedented Election Day in Israel - Who Will Voters Choose? 11/1/2022

Israel holds an unprecedented 5th national election in less than four years. Plus, churches worldwide prepare to commemorate one of the worst atrocities against the Jewish people. And a diver finds ancient treasure in the Mediterranean Sea.

From Jerusalem to Tehran: Thousands Rally Behind the Women of Iran 10/28/2022

The UK's new prime minister says Jerusalem is Israel's "historic capital" and vows to fight BDS; plus, Israel gears up for its fifth election in less than four years; and protests in Iran mark a tragic milestone as demonstrations continue worldwide.

Russia Unleashes Iranian Drones in Ukraine – Is Israel Next? 10/25/2022

Russia unleashes Iranian drones on Ukrainian civilians, and it has big implications for Israel and the West. Plus, Christians from across the globe are returning to Israel after years of COVID; and a behind-the-scenes look at The Chosen series.

CBN Exclusive: Benjamin Netanyahu Tells His Story in New Memoir 10/21/2022

Benjamin Netanyahu tells CBN about his new memoir and what he hopes to accomplish if he wins Israel's upcoming election; plus, a biblical holiday brings Jews and Arabs together; and the world's largest Black church makes history in the Holy Land.

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Biblical Treasure in the Judean Desert 10/18/2022

Excavations in the Judean desert unearth the biggest archaeological finds since the Dead Sea scrolls; plus, visit the hometown of Mary Magdalene; and a child's discovery opens a window into ancient Jerusalem.

Jews and Christians Celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem 10/14/2022

Israel announces a "historic" maritime agreement with Lebanon – why critics say the deal is "dangerous"; plus, Jews and Christians from around the world come to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles; and, can Elon Musk help protestors in Iran?

Biblical Prophecy is Being Fulfilled in the Land of Milk and Honey 10/11/2022

The dessert blooms and prophecy is fulfilled in the Land of Milk and Honey; plus, the Jewish people are returning to Israel just as the Bible prophesied; and archaeologists explore the remains of what could be the home of the Prophet Elisha.

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