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Rescuing Left Behind from Afghanistan as Taliban Executes Door-to-Door 9/24/2021

Congress votes to fund Israel's Iron Dome after progressive Democrats try to defund it – is it a bad sign? And rescuing those left behind in Afghanistan as Taliban carries out executions; and the biblical Feast of Sukkot brings people closer to God.

Will the World Stop Iran from Getting Nuclear Bomb Before Time Runs Out? 9/17/21

Time running out to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb - what will the world do? And military drones - future battlefield, here today; plus, could war-torn Afghanistan become the heart of revival in the region? And call to prayer for Afghanistan.

“Enemies and Allies” 20 Years After the 9-11 Attacks with Joel Rosenberg 9/10/21

A special program: 20 years since 9-11 with New York Times Best-Selling author Joel Rosenberg. His new book “Enemies and Allies” chronicles historic changes in the Mideast; how prophecy is unfolding and what the future holds for this volatile region.

What’s Behind Highest Level Israel, PA Meeting in More Than 10 Years? 09/03/21

Israel and the Palestinian Authority hold highest level meeting in more than 10 years; and the Afghanistan pullout complete, what happens to those left behind and what impact will it have on the region? and letters to God placed in the Western Wall.

Evacuations Race Against Deadline after Afghan Explosions Kill Scores 8/27/21

Kabul evacuations continue after attacks kill more than 100; private groups charter flights to get hunted out in time; and what's the future for Afghan Christians? Plus, drug on the market since 1975 shows promise for fighting severe COVID-19 cases.

Terror Groups Emboldened by Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan 8/20/21

Terror groups emboldened by Taliban takeover of Afghanistan – what’s next? plus, Israel and Poland at odds over law preventing Holocaust survivors from reclaiming property; and ‘Jerusalem Rising’ chronicling Jerusalem's prophetic story in photos.

Abraham Accords After One Year Going Strong; Iran Still a Threat 8/13/21

One year after the Abraham Accords, relations blossom while the threat of Iran grows; and the Taliban gains ground as US troops leave Afghanistan -- what does it mean for Israel and Middle East? Plus, prophetic significance of the Abraham Accords.

Ominous Signs: Iran 10 Weeks from Nuclear Breakout; Rockets from Lebanon 8/6/21

Ominous signs: Iran installs new hardline president amid warnings Iran is weeks away from nuclear breakout; and rocket fire from Lebanon provokes tough Israeli response; plus, Jerusalem archaeologists discover evidence of giant biblical earthquake.

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Jerusalem’s 3000-Year-Old City Wall 07/30/21

Israel becomes first country to give 3rd vaccine dose against COVID-19; and how Israel regained the Land the world calls the West Bank but the Bible calls Judea and Samaria; and archaeologists uncover ancient Jerusalem's 3,000-year-old city wall.

Iranian Expats Bless Israel, Ben & Jerry’s Boycotts Judea, Samaria 07/23/21

Protests rock parts of Iran, some call for an end of Islamic regime; and other Iranians make historic visit to Israel to bless the Jewish people; plus, tennis bridges Jewish-Arab divide; and Amitsim, the place where widows and orphans find refuge.

Archaeologists Uncover 3,000-Year-Old Inscription with Bible Name 07/16/21

Hamas, Islamic Jihad hold kids’ summer camps but no swimming, hiking, only shooting, marching; plus UAE opens Embassy in Israel in another step in Abraham Accords; and Israeli archaeologists uncover a 3,000-year-old inscription with a Bible name.

Lebanon in Crisis, Archaeological Wonders from Jesus’ Time 07/09/21

Lebanon faces worst crisis in decades. What if Israel's northern neighborhood falls? Plus, experts warn against re-entering Iranian nuclear deal; and archaeologists unveil wonder from Jesus’ time; and ‘Passages’ introduces young Christians to Israel.

Israelis Help Miami with Tragedy, Palestinians Protest Activist’s Murder 7/2/21

Palestinians protest murder of prominent activist making some wonder how long PA President Abbas can continue to rule; Plus, Israeli teams lend a hand to those affected by the Miami condo tragedy; and To Life: Israeli Volunteers Changing the World.

Honduras ‘Aligns with God’s Purposes’ as It Moves Embassy to Jerusalem

Honduras is 4th country to open Embassy in Jerusalem; and Iran elects ‘Hangman of Tehran’ as president: how will it impact Israel, the Mideast, & the world? Plus, Israelis on solidarity mission to stand with US Jewish community against anti-Semitism.

Will the Biden Administration Stand with Israel? 6/18/21

Israel gets a new government and a new prime minister but will this government last? And what about the new US administration? Will it stand with Israel? Plus, United Hatzalah, helping Israelis on the front lines.

Growing Global Movement Prays for the Peace of Jerusalem 6/11/21

Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast: growing global movement of believers praying for the peace of Jerusalem; and an Israeli company makes water out of air, friends out of enemies; plus tourists return to the Holy Land for the first time in more than a year.