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Israel Bans Tlaib, Omar over BDS, Lets Tlaib Visit Grandma, She Refuses 8/16/19

Israel bans Omar, Tlaib over BDS support, grants Tlaib visit to Grandma, but Tlaib rejects it; and prophecy fulfilled as new immigrants arrive in the Jewish homeland; plus Scott Ross takes us to biblical town of Hebron to see the controversy there.

From Turkey-Syria Border to Iraq & Persian Gulf Mideast Is Heating Up

From the Turkish-Syrian border to Iraq and the Persian Gulf ... we’ll examine the hot spots throughout the Middle East; plus the rise of anti-Semitism around the world; and CBN’s Scott Ross takes us along on a Gaza Border Reality Tour.

Israel’s Arrow 3 Missile Test Intercepts Iran-type Ballistic Missiles 8/2/19

US, Israel carry out unprecedented test of Arrow 3 Weapon System as Iran continues to threaten the end of the Jewish State; plus, ‘Rise and Kill First’ Israel's first strike strategy; and the story of Truman’s historic decision to recognize Israel.

One of the Greatest Mysteries: Where is the Ark of the Covenant? 7/26/19

Persian Gulf crisis: who will blink in stand-off between Iran, England & US? And rifts in Democratic Party as US House passes anti-Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions resolution; and Ark of the Covenant exists as it did 2,700 years ago but where is it?

Int’l Artists Combat Anti-Israel Movement One Painting at a Time 7/19/19

Combating anti-Israel movement worldwide one painting at a time; and hundreds of new immigrants arrive to make Israel home fulfilling biblical prophecy; plus an ancient altar dating back to Genesis could it have belonged to the biblical Melchizedek?

Iranian Muslims Meeting ‘Man from Nazareth’ by the Millions 7/12/19

As tensions flare between the US and Iran, a picture emerges of an Iran few are seeing – revival in the church; and recent archaeological discoveries from the pilgrim road to the Temple from Jesus' day to ancient Ziklag where David escaped King Saul.

Jerusalem Dateline: 7/5/19 They Fought ISIS for the World

A special program on the Kurdish people. Will these people who fought ISIS ever get their own homeland? CBN News joined Christian leaders who met the Kurds face-to-face and heard why they believe it’s important to stand with the Kurdish people.

US Unveils First Step in Israeli-Palestinian ‘Deal of the Century’ 6/28/19

Landmark economic conference convenes in Bahrain, the first step in Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ but will it work? Plus a discovery in the City of David may be where man began to worship one God from Genesis; and American football comes to Israel.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/21/19 Will Iran Send Hezbollah to War Against Israel?

US and Iran seem on the brink of war causing concern that Iran could send Hezbollah to attack Israel; plus an alarming report on rising anti-Semitism in Germany; and Christian leaders from around the world coming to Israel for a Jerusalem Encounter.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/14/19 CBN News Gets Rare Look at Hezbollah Terror Tunnel

Another attack on Persian Gulf shipping raises the stakes between US, Iran; plus CBN News gets a rare look inside the biggest Hezbollah terror tunnel exposed by IDF; and the rising Sea of Galilee: some call it a miracle.

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/7/19 Sifting Treasures from Under the Temple Mount

The 1967 Six-Day War’s global impact, when Jerusalem was reunited after more than 2,000 years; plus sifting treasures from under the Temple Mount - what it means for the Jewish people; and counting the Omer - how it’s connected to Pentecost.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/31/19 Israelis to Vote in Historic Back-to-Back Elections

Israelis head to the polls again in a first-ever back-to-back election after Netanyahu fails to form a coalition government; and CBN's Scott Ross joins us for a special show looking at some of his most important stories from the Holy Land.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/24/19 Arsonist Destroys Daystar’s Jerusalem Studio

Iran, US keep up war of words but how strong is Iran's military? Plus an arsonist destroys a major Christian ministry's Jerusalem television studio but Daystar promises to rebuild; and a team of Israelis brew beer from yeast thousands of years old.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/17/19 - Iran and the US on the Brink of War

Tensions flare between US and Iran – will it lead to war? Also Israeli officials and Christian leaders celebrate the anniversary of the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem and Eurovision comes to Israel.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/10/19 Israel Says No Nukes for Iran, as US-Iranian Tension

Tensions flare between US and Iran -- where will it lead?; and ceasefire after Israel bombarded with 700 rockets in two days; plus, Israel mourns it's fallen soldiers and terror victims and then celebrates its 71st birthday.

Jerusalem Dateline: 5/3/19 - As Anti-Semitism Rises, Israel Remembers Holocaust

Israel pauses to remember the Holocaust but new reports show anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise especially in US and Europe; and a California synagogue is attacked, killing one -- where will it end? plus, the Bible -- Israel's deed to the Land.