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Israel in Tight Lockdown, Trouble in the US Capital, How Will It End? 01/08/21

Israel dramatically tightens its lockdown as COVID cases soar once again; and trouble in the U.S. capital, how will it end?; plus a tour of Israel in non-COVID times; and a first time discovery from Jesus day in the Garden of Gethsemane.

2020: COVID-19, the Abraham Accords, Aliyah, Going Forward to Next Year 01/01/21

From COVID-19 to the Abraham Accords to Aliyah, we'll take a look at some of the most important stories of 2020 that will continue to have an impact on Israel and the Middle East in 2021.

A Christmas Special: How the Christmas Celebration as We Know it, Began 12/25/20

A Christmas special: We'll look at how the celebration of Christmas as we know it began; plus Christians in Bethlehem at Christmas during COVID; and the Christmas story, as told in the Gospel of Luke.

Israel Prepares to Defend against Multiple, Simultaneous Aerial Threats 12/18/20

Israel takes unprecedented step in anti-missile defense; and joint Bahraini/Emirati delegation makes historic visit to Jerusalem during Hanukkah; and twin threats: China and the Global Reset; and archeologists uncover rare find in Holy Land hills.

Hanukkah Surprise! Morocco, Israel Normalize Ties in Abraham Accords 12/11/20

Morocco fourth nation to normalize ties with Israel while Saudi/Israel relations take a hit; plus the impact of COVID on Christmas in the Holy Land and how to help Christian businesses; and Jews worldwide celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.

Israel, Mideast Tense after Iran’s Chief Nuclear Scientist Assassinated 12/04/20

Mideast watches, waits for Iran’s response after chief nuclear scientist assassinated; and Israel edges toward new elections; plus, ARISE, bringing Christian investors and Israeli start-ups together; and reading the Bible in the Land of the Bible.

CBN Films Examines the Evidence of Jesus Written in Stone 11/27/20

Gordon Robertson and Erin Zimmerman discuss the new CBN film Written in Stone; Scott Ross visits Magdala, the home of Mary Magdalene and Julie Stahl visits Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus.

US Secretary of State Makes Historic Visit to Judea and Samaria 11/20/20

US Secretary of State makes an historic visit to Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights; plus Israel, the US and Bahrain meet for the first time in Jerusalem, Iran draws closer to the bomb and a first hand report from NE Syria while the Tower of David Museum gets an historic make over.

War Ends Between Armenia & Azerbaijan 11/13/20

The six week war ends between Armenia and Azerbaijan; Chuck Holton reports from Armenia; how will a Biden/Harris administration deal with Iran, the Palestinians and UNRWA and the ten year anniversary of JH Israel, a unique training center in the heart of Israel.

What the Presidential Race Means for the Middle East 11/06/2020

The impact of US elections on the region; an exclusive front line report from the Armenian/Azerbaijan war and a look how Bahrainis view the Abraham Accords.

US Ambassador tells CBN News: Beginning of End of Arab-Israeli Conflict 10/30/20

Exclusive: CBN News interviews US Amb. to Israel, David Friedman on historic changes in Mideast: ‘beginning of end of Arab-Israeli conflict’; Sudan joins Abraham Club; impact of US elections on the region; and which way are Israeli-Americans leaning?

UAE, Bahrain Deepen Ties with Israel as Abraham Accords Expand 10/23/20

Israel hosts historic UAE meeting, Bahrain signs deal expanding Abraham Accords; Israeli gov’t. Minister tells CBN News another normalization on the way; Armenia, Azerbaijan still warring; and Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast prays for peace of Jerusalem.

CBN Exclusive: Armenian President: Turkey behind Azerbaijan-Armenia War 10/16/20

Despite ceasefire, Azerbaijan-Armenia fighting rages; Armenian president tells CBN News Turkey behind the trouble; plus Saudi Arabia could be next Gulf state to make peace with Israel; and Jerusalem Dep. Mayor leads historic women's meeting in Dubai.

Muslim Azerbaijan, Christian Armenia War over Land, Religious Disputes 10/9/20

Muslim Azerbaijan goes to war with Christian Armenia over old religious, land disputes; and Israel insists Hezbollah is hiding Beirut missile development; plus meet Israeli singer Shilo Ben Hod: and CBN Israel helps Holocaust survivors during COVID.

Netanyahu: Israel Could Take Up to a Year to Exit from COVID Lockdown 10/2/20

Israel could take a year to emerge from COVID lockdown; and the IDF helping Israelis cope with corona; plus, a Jewish leader condemns comparison of Trump to Hitler; and thousands of Christians can't come for Feast of Tabernacles but can visit online.

Lockdown: 'Synagogue May Be Closed, but Gates of Heaven Are Open' 9/25/20

Israel ramps up restrictions in its second coronavirus lockdown; and what will Yom Kippur - one of the holiest days on the Jewish calendar look - like under COVID? Plus in Iran - a new survey shows many Iranians are dissatisfied with their religion.