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Israel on Verge of Political Breakthrough as Pandemic Battle Continues 3/20/27

Is Israel nearing political breakthrough as it battles coronavirus? Plus, Jewish people return to Promised Land even during pandemic; and Pres. Trump wishes CBN founder Pat Robertson happy birthday; and join CBN News on a virtual Holy Land Tour.

Nations Close Borders, Battle Invisible Coronavirus Enemy 3/20/20

Nations scramble to control coronavirus as the US, China exchange barbs about the source of the trouble; plus, why Iran is the worst hit country in the Middle East; and join us from your home as we take you on a virtual tour of the Holy Land.

Israel Closes Schools, Cancels Flights, Quarantines as Corona Spreads 3/13/20

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Israeli Researchers Working on Solution to Global Scourge of Coronavirus 3/06/20

Israeli PM Netanyahu comes out on top in Israel's election, but can he form a coalition? Plus, Jewish leaders address the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe; and Israel takes on coronavirus. Can researchers provide the solution to this global scourge?

Israelis Go to Vote for the 3rd Time in a Year, Who Will They Choose? 2/28/20

Israelis vote for 3rd time in a year. Will they choose - PM Netanyahu or former IDF Chief Gantz? Plus, Israel takes on coronavirus from masks to hand sanitizer to possible vaccine; and ‘I Am Patrick’ CBN's new documentary on Ireland’s patron saint.

Nearly a Million Flee Fighting in Northeast Syria, When Will It End? 2/21/20

Nearly a million flee fighting in NE Syria; plus a ministry & family who run into battle & share Jesus’ love; and Bnei Anusim, the prophetic story of millions rediscovering their Jewish past; and Western Wall prayers for China & an end to Coronavirus.

Israel, US Condemn UN ‘Blacklist’ of Companies in Biblical Heartland 2/14/20

Israel, US condemn UN ‘blacklist’ of companies in Biblical Heartland; plus former Trump advisor on Israel, Jason Greenblatt, tells CBN News the strategy behind the Deal of the Century; and OurCrowd - the latest Israeli innovations changing the world.

Palestinian Violence Surges in Wake of Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ 2/7/20

Palestinian violence surges in the wake of Trump's ‘Deal of the Century’; and Jerusalem - the thorniest issue - Palestinians want more than offered; plus an Israeli innovation could help stop spread of Coronavirus and fulfill biblical prophecy, too.

Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ - Will it Succeed Where All Others Failed? 1/31/20

Pres. Trump unveils ‘Deal of the Century’ - will it succeed where all others failed? And exclusive interview with US Ambassador Friedman, an architect of the deal; plus analysis from author Joel Rosenberg; and Dachau’s youngest survivor’s story.

Exclusive: VP Pence in Jerusalem Tells CBN Anti-Semitism is Alive & Well 1/24/20

US VP Pence to CBN News: anti-Semitism alive and well, while world leaders gather in Jerusalem to mark 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation and on the ground a report from the Nazi death camp; plus European leaders address growing anti-Semitism.

Major Unrest in Iran – The Beginning of the End for the Islamic Regime? 1/17/20

Does unrest in Iran signal beginning of the end for the Islamic regime? Plus Scott Ross visits 1st century town of Magdala and synagogue where many believe Jesus preached; and Passages - Christian students visit Israel for a life changing experience.

Soleimani’s Legacy: Masses of Shia Militiamen in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria 1/10/20

Iran retaliates for US killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani; what's next for the Middle East? And did an Iranian missile down a Ukrainian airliner? Plus Soleimani's legacy - hundreds of thousands of armed Shia militiamen in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria.

Mideast on Edge after US Assassinates Iranian General, What’s Next? 01/03/20

Mideast on edge after US kills top Iranian general; Israel braces for what's next; plus Jerusalem to help Arabs integrate into workforce by teaching Hebrew instead of hatred; and Empowered-21 celebrating the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in Jerusalem.

2019: Historic Israeli Elections, Iranian Threats, Biblical Treasures 12/27/19

Significant trends of 2019: Israeli leaders fail to form a government; Iran continued to threaten Israel; Turkey invaded Syria forcing Christians, others to flee; and Israeli archaeologists uncovered biblical treasures; plus what’s ahead in 2020?

Season of Light! Christmas & Hanukkah in Jerusalem & Around the World 12/20/19

It's all about light -- a Christmas and Hanukkah special! We'll take a look at the beginning Christmas celebrations as we know them today; and the eight days of Hanukkah - a victory story; plus the story behind a beloved Christmas carol.

It’s Official: Israelis Head to 3rd Nat’l Elections in Less Than a Year 12/13/19

It's official: third Israeli national elections in a year. Will a coalition finally come together? And a shocking story: Christian refugees persecuted by a UN agency; plus Lebanese businessman donates Hitler artifacts to Israel's Holocaust memorial.