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Could an Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Succeed? 05/20/22

Israel, US reportedly to partner in military drill simulating attack on Iran's nuke program. Could an attack succeed? And a book on anti-Semitism in the UK: plus, CBN partners with Israeli groups to help disabled girls and Ukrainian Jews fleeing war.

Palestinians Blame Israel for Journalist’s Death, Refuse Joint Inquiry 05/13/22

Israel, PA spar over blame in Palestinian journalist’s death during counterterrorism raid; plus, Israeli Amb Danon tells CBN's Gordon Robertson about defending Israel at the UN; and Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

Israel’s 74th Independence Day Celebrations End with Deadly Terror Attack 5/6/22

Deadly terror attack on Israel’s Independence Day; plus, why is the Palestinian Authority hiding its financial reports? And a special photo archive chronicles the miraculous story of Israel; and Ukrainian child has life-saving heart surgery in Israel.

Jews, Christians in 15 Nations Remember Holocaust, Combat Anti-Semitism 4/29/22

More violence on Temple Mount as Muslim Fasting month of Ramadan nears the end; and, Israel's 1st ambassador to Bahrain updates CBN News on Abraham Accords’ progress; and Israel, and Jews, Christians worldwide remember Holocaust, fight anti-Semitism.

Temple Mount Rioting Could Destabilize Israeli PM’s Government 04/22/2022

Temple Mount rioting could destabilize Israeli PM’s government; Christians help fleeing Ukrainians on both sides of the border; Israel appoints first envoy to fight anti-Semitism; and CBN's "First Lady" Dede Robertson, goes home to be with the Lord.

Jewish Refugees Fleeing Ukraine War Become New Immigrants in Israel 04/15/2022

Jewish refugees fleeing Ukraine war become new immigrants in Israel; and the Abraham Accords gain ground in the Middle East; and Passover matzah making; plus, Resurrection: Garden Tomb to Sea of Galilee to Mount of Olives - He is risen indeed!

Israeli Archaeology: Ancient Treasures Uncovered from Land and Sea 04/08/2022

From a new Western Wall tunnel to restoration work on an ancient site; spectacular treasures from early Christianity and bringing trees back to life, bearing fruit from Bible times, a special show on some of the latest archaeological finds in Israel.

Israel Braces for New Terror Wave During Muslim Month of Ramadan 04/01/2022

Israel braces for new terror wave during Muslim month of Ramadan after 11 killed in three attacks; and God is doing miracles in the midst of the nightmare war in Ukraine; plus, Jewish refugees flee Ukraine to Moldova on their way to the Promised Land.

Ukraine: Christian Group Stays to Serve, Israel Sets Up Field Hospital 3/25/2022

Ukraine war enters second month: how one Christian group chose to stay and serve; plus, Israel sets up Ukraine field hospital to help war refugees; also, how to pray for Ukraine & avert World War III; and top Ukrainian runner wins Jerusalem marathon.

Ukrainian Church Under Fire Responds with Practical Help and Prayer 03/18/2022

Devastating war in Ukraine enters week four. George Thomas reports on church under fire responding with practical help, prayer; plus, Iranian nuclear deal edges toward signing. How will it impact Israel and region? And a prayer for people of Ukraine.

As War Rages in Ukraine, Ukrainian Jewish Refugees Arrive in Israel 03/11/2022

Ukrainian men, women prepare to defend their nation; plus, bittersweet arrival of Ukrainian Jews in Israel; and Israel braces for second Iranian nuclear deal it believes is worse than the first; and ‘Let It Go’ an angelic voice in war-torn Ukraine.

War Rages in Ukraine: Eyewitness Accounts from Kyiv and Lviv 03/04/2022

War in Ukraine rages: we have frontline reports from CBN's George Thomas and an interview with a Christian in war-torn Kyiv; plus, analysis from former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky; and Israel prepares to receive Ukrainian Jewish immigrants.

Russia Invades Ukraine, Forcing Many to Flee, While Others Stay Behind 2/25/2022

Russia invades Ukraine in the largest attack in Europe since WWII; we talk with CBN’S George Thomas on the ground inside Ukraine: plus, geo-political implications for Israel; and we hear from Kyiv's chief rabbi why he’s staying put despite dangers.

Ukrainian Jews Caught in Crossfire of Possible Russian Invasion 02/18/2022

Ukrainian Jews caught in crossfire of possible Russian invasion - will they flee? Plus, top US senator warns nuclear Iran would be global game changer; and Christian pastors among first to visit Israel after some COVID pandemic restrictions lifted.

Iran Unveils New Missile with Reported Range to Reach US Bases, Israel 2/11/2022

US officials say Iran could make enough nuclear bomb material in weeks for a bomb as White House pushes to close Iran nuke deal; and new allegations police used advanced spyware illegally against Netanyahu's son; and on-the-scene update from Ukraine.

Israel Slams Amnesty Int’l Report Charging Israel Is Apartheid State 02/04/2022

Israel slams Amnesty International report accusing Israel of being an apartheid state; plus, Iranian-backed Houthis launch missile at UAE during Israeli president’s historic visit; and how would an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program look?

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