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Giving Thanks in America and the Land of Milk and Honey 11/26/2021

A special look at Thanksgiving in America and the land of milk and honey.

Israel’s Next War: Defeat Hezbollah, Protect Civilians on Both Sides 11/19/2021

Israel prepares to defeat its enemy, protect civilians on both sides in next war against Hezbollah; plus, a look inside Syria with Dave Eubank; and Tower of David Museum digs into ancient past, prepares for tourists’ return to Old City treasure.

Battle for Jerusalem as US Plans to Open Consulate for Palestinians 11/12/2021

Israel, US face off over plans to open US consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem; plus, Abraham Accords one year anniversary: what's next for the historic agreements? And Christian Media Summit connects Christian journalists worldwide with Israel.

Israel Re-Opens to Individual Visitors After 1-1/2 Years of Closures 11/05/2021

Israel re-opens to individual tourists and businessmen as long as they follow the rules; and Israel passes a budget and avoids new elections; plus, the story behind the declaration that paved the way for the establishment of the modern State of Israel.

Side-by-Side, Wing-to-Wing Best Air Forces Worldwide Train in Israel 10/29/2021

Blue Flag 2021 - Israel's bi-annual Air Force exercise brings together the best air forces in the world; plus, US and Israel confront each other over Jerusalem’s future: and for the first time since COVID-19 runners compete in the Jerusalem Marathon.

Lebanon on the Brink of Civil War, Will It Fall into Hezbollah Hands? 10/22/2021

Lebanon on the brink. Will Israel's northern neighbor fall into the hands of the Iranian-backed proxy Hezbollah? Plus, Israel shows what your next restaurant delivery might look like; and a relic from Middle Ages surfaces from the Mediterranean Sea.

Fmr. Sec. of State Pompeo Discusses Afghanistan, Iran with CBN News 10/15/2021

Exclusive interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussing achievements of former US administration and challenges facing this one; and violence in Lebanon over probe into Beirut blast; and, palm trees sprout from 2,000-year-old seeds.

After Afghanistan Conquest Is Taliban Setting Its Sights on Jerusalem? 10/8/2021

After Taliban conquest in Afghanistan, is Taliban eyeing Jerusalem? And Hamas gets crippling blow from former ally in war against Israel; plus, doctors & experts search for remedies to help end pandemic; and a hidden treasure in Jerusalem's Old City.

CBN Celebrates 60 Years Broadcasting to the World, Standing w/ Israel 10/01/2021

Historic: Israel opens embassy in Bahrain taking step in Abraham Accords; plus, US military leaders face angry senators about Afghanistan pullout; and CBN celebrates 60 years of broadcasting to the world & standing with Israel and the Jewish people.

Rescuing Left Behind from Afghanistan as Taliban Executes Door-to-Door 9/24/2021

Congress votes to fund Israel's Iron Dome after progressive Democrats try to defund it – is it a bad sign? And rescuing those left behind in Afghanistan as Taliban carries out executions; and the biblical Feast of Sukkot brings people closer to God.

Will the World Stop Iran from Getting Nuclear Bomb Before Time Runs Out? 9/17/21

Time running out to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb - what will the world do? And military drones - future battlefield, here today; plus, could war-torn Afghanistan become the heart of revival in the region? And call to prayer for Afghanistan.

“Enemies and Allies” 20 Years After the 9-11 Attacks with Joel Rosenberg 9/10/21

A special program: 20 years since 9-11 with New York Times Best-Selling author Joel Rosenberg. His new book “Enemies and Allies” chronicles historic changes in the Mideast; how prophecy is unfolding and what the future holds for this volatile region.

What’s Behind Highest Level Israel, PA Meeting in More Than 10 Years? 09/03/21

Israel and the Palestinian Authority hold highest level meeting in more than 10 years; and the Afghanistan pullout complete, what happens to those left behind and what impact will it have on the region? and letters to God placed in the Western Wall.

Evacuations Race Against Deadline after Afghan Explosions Kill Scores 8/27/21

Kabul evacuations continue after attacks kill more than 100; private groups charter flights to get hunted out in time; and what's the future for Afghan Christians? Plus, drug on the market since 1975 shows promise for fighting severe COVID-19 cases.

Terror Groups Emboldened by Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan 8/20/21

Terror groups emboldened by Taliban takeover of Afghanistan – what’s next? plus, Israel and Poland at odds over law preventing Holocaust survivors from reclaiming property; and ‘Jerusalem Rising’ chronicling Jerusalem's prophetic story in photos.

Abraham Accords After One Year Going Strong; Iran Still a Threat 8/13/21

One year after the Abraham Accords, relations blossom while the threat of Iran grows; and the Taliban gains ground as US troops leave Afghanistan -- what does it mean for Israel and Middle East? Plus, prophetic significance of the Abraham Accords.