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Prayer Link – Woman Dies – Visits Heaven for 11 Minutes – May 19, 2020

Apostle Demontae Edmonds says pastors should use wisdom when reopening their churches after the Coronavirus. He says God gave him a dream that some were opening back up too soon. Plus, last September, Charlotte Holmes of Gainesville, Missouri had a near death experience when her heart stopped. She said she went to heaven where she saw and smelled the most beautiful flowers ever. She also shares what God told she must do to fulfill his mission for her life.

Prayer Link – Believers Using Power of Prayer to Fight Covid-19 - May 12, 2020

Bethel Worship Leader Sean Feucht discusses what’s behind massive church fire in Indonesia and how Christians should be praying. Plus CBN News Senior Reporter Wendy Griffith shares how one Virginia Ministry is using the power of prayer outside a local hospital to fight Covid-19.

Prayer Link – Ministry to Moms Reaching Millions on Facebook - May 5, 2020

Mother-Daughter Duo Becky Thompson and Susan Pitts reach nearly a million moms on their Facebook page called Midnight Moms Devotional where they offer encouragement and prayer for Moms.

Prayer Link – Pastor’s Healing Testimony from COVID-19 - April 28, 2020

Pastor Robert Burt of Danielsville Baptist Church in Georgia shares how doctors gave him a one-percent chance of surviving the Coronavirus. It was so bad he didn’t know who or where he was. But today’s he’s making a speedy recovery and says he’s alive because of Jesus. Plus Prophetess Francia Norman discusses her global Prayerdemic event called, “Helping Hands Around the World: A Covid-19 Prayerdemic.”

Prayer Link – Doug Addison’s Special Word About Coronavirus - April 21, 2020

Prophet Doug Addison shares a special word God gave him about COVID-19 during Easter. Plus Pastor Ben Courson shares why holding onto hope is so important during the pandemic.

Prayer Link – Bishop Wellington Boone On Being Fearless - April 14, 2020

Bishop Wellington Boone discusses how Christians can be free from fear and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prayer Link – Chuch Pierce on Importance of Passover - April 7, 2020

Dr. Don Colbert discusses how to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Plus last year Chuck Pierce prophesied that plague like conditions would hit the earth and that it would be hellish.

Prayer Link – Ministry to Healthcare Workers Combatting Corona - Mar. 31, 2020

As the nation, healthcare workers and first responders battle COVID-19, the Potter’s House is making sure they’re provided counseling and meals. Bishop TD Jakes discusses the ministry effort. Plus, Pastor Robert Henderson shares about a dream he had concerning the Coronavirus and President Trump.

Prayer Link –The Spiritual Response to COVID-19 - Mar. 24, 2020

Lou Engle, Sean Feucht, Matt Brown and Dr. Sharon Nesbitt discuss the church’s spiritual response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Prayer Link – Facebook’s Streaming Help for Churches Via Coronavirus - Mar. 17,

Facebook’s Nona Jones discusses how the social media giant is helping churches stream their services for free. Plus Autumn Miles shares about her push for a day of prayer and fasting for COVID-19.

Prayer Link – How to Pray About Coronavirus – Mar. 18, 2020

Shawn Bolz and Mike Jacobs of Generals International discuss Coronavirus and how to pray about it. Plus what’s behind the decline of Christianity in Europe?

Prayer Link – CBN Presents “I Am Patrick” on the Faith of Saint Patrick - Mar.

CBN director, writer and producer Jarrod Anderson discusses the new CBN Film “I Am Patrick,” about the life of the legendary St. Patrick. Plus Christians are gathering to pray against the Coronavirus.

Prayer Link – Shawn Bolz on His Prediction About Trump - Feb. 25, 2020

Prophetic minister Shawn Bolz prophesied four years that Kanye West could become a Christian worship leader. Today, Bolz is predicting that President Trump will win re-election. Plus, Planned Parenthood’s agenda in the African American community exposed in an undercover investigation by Live Action

Prayer Link – Social Media Influencer Emma Mae Jenkins on Being Loved - Feb. 18

Teen social media influencer Emma Mae Jenkins, shares from her new book, “Be Loved.” Plus how one family chose faith over fear after their teen suffered a life-threatening injury

Prayer Link – Pastor Robert Morris on Taking the Day Off – Feb. 11, 2020

Pastor Robert Morris discusses his new book, “Take the Day Off: Receiving God’s Gift of Rest. Plus, Ashley Key shares about the CBN/Regent Event “Unhooked,” and How Christians can Live Pure in a Pornified Culture.

Prayer Link – Wendy Griffith’s 29 Days of Praying for Singles – Feb. 4, 2020

CBN’s Wendy Griffith shares her journey from singleness to Mrs. She also discusses her 29 day campaign to pray for other singles. Plus, 40 Days for Life President Shawn Carney discusses his new book, “To the Heart of the Matter: The 40-Day Companion to Live a Culture of Life,” which encourages believers to support the unborn through prayer.