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Prayer Link - From Prescription Drug Addiction to the Pulpit

Pastor Caleb McCall was once a drug addict and drug dealer. He shares how God radically changed his life.

Prayer Link - Brenda Crouch on Moving Forward

Singer, Songwriter and tv show host Brenda Crouch Shares About the Pain of Her Past

Prayer Link - Special July 4th Edition

As the nation celebrates America’s independence, hear why its covenant with God is so vital

Prayer Link - Alice Johnson’s Powerful Story

Alice Marie Johnson was sentenced to life in prison. She was released after serving 21 years after President Trump commuted her sentence.

Prayer Link - June 18, 2019

A Discussion about The Church’s Response to #MeToo and #ChurchToo

Prayer Link - A Former Lesbian and a Gay Man Talk Transformation - June 4, 2019

Janet Boynes was a lesbian. Jeffrey McCall lived as a woman. Both have been freed.

Prayer Link - Midnight Intercession

One Woman’s Mission to Pray When Others are Asleep

Prayer Link - Evangelist Matt Brown

Matt Brown discusses his new book, “Truth Plus Love.”

Prayer Link - Finding Success By Serving

Author Mark Maxwell Encouragement to Graduates

Prayer Link - Mother’s Tribute to Moms

Charlene and Wendy are joined by 700 Club Co-Host Terry Meeuwsen and CBN Producer Simisola Okai.

Prayer Link - National Day of Prayer - April 30, 2019

Dr. Ronnie Floyd on Praying for the Church and America

Prayer Link - Paramedics Thought Miranda Jones Was Dead

Miranda Jones Shares How God Healed Her After Near Deadly Car Accident

Prayer Link - Best-Selling Author Valorie Burton

Choosing the Meaningful in Life Over the Urgent

Prayer Link - April 9, 2019 - ‘Boys’ Documentary

Anna Smith of Restore One Discusses Sex Trafficking of Male Victims

Prayer Link - Jesus Culture's Kim Walker Smith - April 2, 2019

Worship Leader Kim Walker Smith Shares Her Testimony of Deliverance From Depression and Suicide.