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Prayer Link - November 24, 2020

Pastor Brady Boyd author of the book, “Extravagant: Discovering A Life of Dangerous Generosity,” shares what it means to give of your time, talents, and hearts and how it benefits the giver.

Prayer Link - November 17, 2020

Prayer Link - November 17, 2020

Prayer Link - November 10, 2020

Prayer Link - November 10, 2020

Prayer Link - November 3, 2020

Dr. Ed Stetzer of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College shares about the evangelical vote in this year’s presidential election and the church’s role in healing a divided America.

Prayer Link - October 27, 2020

Sean Feuct shares about his prayer and worship event in Washington, DC. Plus Christian author Billy Hollowell shares about his new book, “Playing with Fire: A Modern Investigation Into Demons, Exorcism, and Ghosts,” and explains the battle we are in with the devil.

Prayer Link - October 20, 2020

Prayer Link - October 20, 2020

Prayer Link – Oct. 12, 2020

Prayer Link - October 12, 2020

Prayer Link - October 6, 2020

Hear how tens of thousands of teens are being trained to be unleased in their communities to pray for their cities and share the gospel on Oct. 10th.

Prayer Link - September 29, 2020

Hear about the black church and white church in Charlotte, NC that merged to become one and why the pastors say it’s a fulfilment of Jesus’ prayer in John 17.

Prayer Link - September 22, 2020

Hear about the church that was left standing amidst the rubble after violent protests and looting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Prayer Link - September 15, 2020

Pastor Ben Courson shares about his battle with depression and the weapons to defeat it.

Prayer Link - September 8, 2020

Prayer Link - September 8, 2020

Prayer Link - September 1, 2020

Charlotte Holmes died and went to Heaven. She shares what she saw as well as the fragrance she smelled. Plus 25-year-old Josh Miles died from the flu and went straight to hell. Hear his amazing story and the message he’s sharing with the world.

Prayer Link - August 25, 2020

California Wildfires are burning out of control. Seven people are dead. Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden hashes out his party’s platform including where the party stands on LGBTQ issues. He calls the “Equality Act” the party’s number one priority. Christians fear the platform will crush religious freedom. And Bishop Harry Jackson , Jr. talks about his new book, “A Manifesto” Christian America’s Contract with Minorities and why the Black Lives Matter Movement is not the best vehicl

Prayer Link - August 18, 2020

Islamic extremists have unleashed a reign of terror in Northern Mozambique that has left a number of churches burned to the ground, people beheaded, and tens of thousands displaced and traumatized. A representative from Iris Global working in Northern Mozambique in Cabo Delgao shared about what they’re doing to help those affected by the terror. Plus Nigerian Idol’s first ever winner joins us to share how fame and fortune almost ruined her life and her amazing story of redemption.

Prayer Link - August 11, 2020

As more and more parents consider homeschooling their kids this fall due to Covid-19, Author Erin Barry offers help to those who feel overwhelmed about the prospect. She discusses her book, “Yes! You Can Homeschool: The Terrified Parent’s Companion to Homeschool Success.” Plus we sit down the ladies behind the new Podcast, “Morning Cup of Faith,” to talk prayer and getting an extra little boost of faith to overcome the challenges of the day.