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Two Typhoons. Two Lost Homes

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CBN provides disaster relief from national offices around the world. Learn more.

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Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

John Mark remembers the day when his first house was destroyed by a Category 5 typhoon in the Philippines where he lived.

“I was so scared,” he recalled. “I couldn’t breathe.  I saw that our house was destroyed. The flood washed away everything.”   

John Mark’s mom, Lourdes is a widow raising two children.  She remembers the tidal surge as well.

“The water started rising and we all ran. When I looked back I saw all the houses were gone!”

With nowhere to live and no money to rent a house in a safe zone, Lourdes built their second house with scraps of wood and plastic on a river bank.

“I didn’t feel safe in that house,” John Mark told us. “It was hot and cramped.  I got scared that the river would overflow when it rained.”

When the second Typhoon hit that same year, the river did overflow and destroyed their second house too.     

“We just prayed that God would rescue us and keep us safe!” said John.

When CBN ’s Operation Blessing learned about John Mark and his family, we built them a new house in Operation Blessing’s Community of Hope in Taclabon, Philippines.  The homes there are constructed with sturdy walls and a wind resistant roofs.  And they’re far from the river that destroyed John Mark’s two houses.

“I’m happy because our prayers got answered. Our house is cool and spacious. We feel safe here!” said the boy.  “Thank you for building our house and for making my dream come true.”

“My joy reaches to the sky because of our new home! Thank you!” added Lourdes.

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Did you know?

CBN provides disaster relief from national offices around the world bringing aid where needed most: clean water, medical care, food, shelter, and basic essentials. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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