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Debilitating Stomach Pain Brings Woman to Her Knees

In 2011, Stacey Wade started experiencing a steady stream of migraines. “It’s pressure in my head, it’s pushing down on my neck. It’s hard to move. It’s hard standing up or sitting up. It was terrible,” recalls Stacey.

Her doctor prescribed pain medication that helped for a while. But after a few years, the migraines returned. This time they got so bad she had to quit work. “I’d walk in the house holding onto something… my eyes were hurting from the pressure that was behind them. I would come home and I would just look at my husband and say, ‘honey, I can’t do it. I got to go to bed”

Stacey stayed home, but the pain even kept her from doing the things she loved, like playing with their two-year-old son Cash. “I would say, ‘son, momma can’t do it today.’ We would watch movies we’d sit on the floor and play, but I couldn’t get up and run outside,” recalls Stacey.

She relied on her husband JT to take care of their family.  She says, “I was having to rely on him to cook, to clean, to take care of my son, play with him and everything else. And with my husband working nights it was hard. It was horrible – like being paralyzed and having to watch your life go on without you.”

She prayed for God to heal her. She also watched The 700 Club almost every day. On December 22, 2015, Terry gave a word of knowledge:  “There is someone you have a chronic migraine scenario it is behind your eyes, but it is like a band around your head, it is very debilitating, it has impacted your life. It is gone and you are not going to have that back again. Just receive that – Merry Christmas!”

Stacey said, “God, that’s me! I was like, ‘thank you, Lord, thank you, God. I need this.’”

As Terry was talking, the pressure in her head went away. The pain in her neck from the pressure went away and she felt this warm sensation going down her neck and into her shoulders and through her back.

Once again Stacey was able to enjoy life with JT and Cash. “We went from having to sit in one spot and play to he could run through the house and I could chase him. We could go to the park and he could swing and he could play and it was awesome,” shares Stacey.

She says her life wasn’t the only one that changed that day. When JT saw how God healed his wife, he decided to give his life to Jesus Christ. “We were watching The 700 Club…Pat was going through the salvation prayer. I said it with everything in me. I said, ‘Jesus, please come into my heart and be a part of my life. And I ask Your forgiveness.’”

Today Stacey is still pain free. She says, “There is no impossibility with God. God can do anything.”

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