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Guard Helps Others as Storm Wrecks Home

When Hurricane Florence tore through southeastern North Carolina, national guardsman Jason was honored to serve with his unit as they rescued people trapped in the rushing flood waters.

Jason says, “Just doing what we love to do, and that's to help people and serve and know that someone can count on us and rely on us when situations may get chaotic to adapt under stress and be able to stay level-headed and make good decisions.”

His own home in Fayetteville was in the path of the hurricane so, his wife Rachel and 5 children evacuated to Rachel’s mom’s.  When they returned to their house, they discovered that power surges caused by the storm had fried all kitchen appliances and the roof was damaged.  Their insurance company said it would take a while to sort out their claim. In addition, they were told that the damage might not be covered under their policy. The couple braced themselves to pay out of pocket.

Rachel says, “it's $500 for a dishwasher, $2000 for a stove, $3000 for a refrigerator. But right now, it's really just a waiting game for us. Should we hurry up and go get a credit card to get it done, or should be tough it out.

To add to their stress, the couple has struggled financially since Jason switched from active duty army to the national guard.  He assumed he’d easily find employment in the civilian sector and then use his guard paychecks to supplement their household income.  But it took seven months to land a job, and by then the family was behind.  Jason and Rachel stand on their faith that god will see them through their financial storm.

Jason says, “There's light at the end of the tunnel.  It will come.  It will come in his time. And that's the hardest part sometimes, is just being patient and wait for the lord to do his thing in his time.”

Their pastor with Manna Church knew the Plymales were in financial trouble, and gave Helping the Home Front a phone call.

Pastor Wayne says, “If there was any way that we could help Jason and Rachel, we thought this would be a tremendous way to see them have their prayers answered. So, we contacted you guys and you said like, "yes, thumbs up all the way."

Pastor Wayne Tate invited Jason and Rachel over to tell them CBN was easing some of their financial worries.

“We want to tell you today that your roof is going to get repaired.  It’s going to be taken care of.  That my god shall supply all of your needs.”

Rachel replies, “Oh, my gosh.

Pastor continues, “Well, there's more. We're gonna take a little trip and we're gonna go pick up some appliances for you guys today.”

Jason says, “That’s too much!

Pastor continues, “Isn’t that amazing?  We love you guys and we are excited for you.  There's one more surprise for you.”

Jason says, “You’ve done enough.”

Pastor continues, “The partnership with CBN and Manna Church is also going to cover two months of your mortgage.”

Jason says, “Stop.  I don’t deserve that. “

Rachel says, “I’m just in shock. Last week I just said, you know, "I don't see any way through this." but I know that he sees.  I know that he loves us because he truly does provide. And I didn't see a way, but he saw this way before I ever did.”

Helping the Home Front took the couple shopping to pick out all new appliances while Manna Church staff worked on scheduling the roof repair. The couple have now risen above a turbulent storm, thanks to CBN’s help.

Rachel concludes, “I just pray a thousand blessings on CBN.  Because, there is no amount of words to say what I want to say right now.  With the warmth that's in my heart, so, thank you so much.”

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