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5k Toys for Navy Hospital Children

CBN’s first annual christmas village included a 5k run as part of military appeciation day sponsored by CBN’s Helping the Home Front! Over 100 volunteers and runners came out to support our armed forces. Some were veterans themselves, including Peake Endurance Co-Race Director Walt Gonzolas who served 13 years in the US Navy.  Runner Justin Jenkins works for CBN.

“I wanted to come out and run out and run this race that was hosted by the place that i work for a good cause.  And come out and have fun!”

Runner Tara McDaniel also works for CBN.

“I’m out here today because i’m a runner.  I’ve been a runner since i was 13.  And i want to support the local community and support cbn as well, because i love working here as well.  I think what you guys are doing is a great thing.”

Toys were collected to distributed to military children staying in the hospital over Christmas.  Earlier this week, Helping the Home Front visited the local navy hospital to put smiles on childrens’ faces.

“I’m glad we are able to spread some christmas cheer at the hospital.  All these military kids. It’s tough being in the hospital at this time.  We are so glad that our runners came out and brought all these toys and spread cheer!”

Peake Endurance Co-Race Director Emily Nissen was on hand to pass out toys.
Us, here at Peake Endurance, we love our military, we love our military children.  We are just happy to be here and give these gifts to children who need it.  Especially being here in a big military town, there are a quite a few of them.  So, we are happy to help out.

The families were thrilled to get a dose of christmas cheer and to accept a moment of prayer.  Thank you to all our participants for helping cbn give joy to military children in our own Virginia Beach back yard.

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